LDP Public drop in sessions

Public drop-in sessions:
Consultation on the Replacement Local Development Plan Preferred Strategy was agreed at Council yesterday. We have just received the Minister’s approval of the revised LDP timetable so are now able to publicise the engagement events. While these are listed in the published reports for Council, please find below an easier to access list.

Monmouth Shire Hall 11th March 1pm – 7pm
Raglan Village Hall 12th March 1pm – 7pm
Abergavenny St Michaels Centre 18th March 1pm – 7pm
Chepstow Drill Hall 24th March 1pm – 7pm
Magor Ebebezer Hall 26th March 1pm – 7pm
Caldicot Community 31st March 1pm – 7pm
Usk County Hall 9th April 1pm – 7pm