april 2018


Minutes of the Council meeting held on Monday 9th April 2018
at Mathern Village Hall.
Councillors – C Ovenden(Chair), D Merrett, , C Morton, J Harris, N Bailey. F. Sainsbury. M McHugh arrived at 7.20
Also in attendance:
Clerk – Mrs J Kelley
County Councillor L Brown
No members of the Public
No Police representatives

The Chairperson welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

(i) Public Comment

ii) Report from Community Police:

17/3/18 – Report of a male arrested for drunk driving on the A48 Pwllmeyric .

24/3/18 – Report of 7 lambs killed at a farm in Mounton . The caller believes that dogs may well have chased the sheep and the lambs had jumped into a water tank and drowned.

25/3/18 – Report of a drive off without paying for fuel from Pwllmeyric petrol station.

iii) Apologies
Councillor David Harris

v) Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary Interest:

(vi) Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 12th March 2018 were read and agreed as true records.
There were no matters arising.


County Councillor Report:
Despite strong opposition from consultation responses by Monmouthshire residents, councillors, the MP, Assembly Member and County Council, a very disappointing decision has been made by the local Health Board to close the St Pierre Dementia Ward at Chepstow Hospital. This means that there will be inpatient dementia care in the north, south and west of the area but none in the east.
The Health Board argued that the Ward closure was due to general nursing staff shortages which have resulted in a reliance on bank rather than permanent staff. The closure however, is unlikely to maintain permanent staff numbers.
If inpatient dementia care is needed in the Chepstow area, there will be only 3 hospitals remaining with suitable facilities. These are St Woolos Hospital, Newport or, if no vacancies there, then to Ystrad Mynach near Caerphilly or Ebbw Vale Hospital. My own consultation response pointed out that, for Chepstow residents it would be quicker to travel to Birmingham New Street by train than to Ystrad Myanch or Ebbw Vale hospitals.
It is expected that there will be a review of Chepstow hospital services this summer but no details are yet known or publicly available.

– The Council decided that the Local Development Plan for Monmouthshire will be subject to a full review. Due to Severn Bridge tolls being removed, a rise in demand for housing from Bristol residents is expected and local developers are likely to put pressure on the County Council to build more homes. Local house prices have increased by about 8% and in the Magor/Undy area by about 15%. Whilst this is good news for existing home owners, it does mean that more affordable housing for young people is needed. The median age of people in Monmouthshire is 48 and in Cardiff is 34.

– Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) is developing a Social Justice Strategy. This will focus on giving children a good start in life, particularly in view of the educational gap in Monmouthshire for children who receive free school meals. It will also focus on the elderly and the problems of loneliness and social isolation.

– The Lower Wye Area Committee is due to meet on the 25th of April 2018 at 10am ( venue to be confirmed). The last meeting was cancelled due to attendance issues. It is the only local MCC area committee and it is hoped that community councillors and/ or members of the public will increase attendance to keep it going.

– The Pwllmeyric Speedwatch volunteers successfully undertook a speed Watch check on Tuesday the 3rd April and Thursday the 5th of April.


i) Ancient slipway and ownership of St Tewdric’s Well.
Councillor Morton has investigated the status of this slipway and also ownership of St. Tewdric’s Well (via CADW) prior to any restoration.
Update: CADW have no interest in the slipway – Councillor Morton to chase Conservation Officer at M C C for any further information.
Monmouth District Council refurbished the Well in 1977 and erected the current plaque at the same time. Councillor Morton to check with Estates at MCC to seek confirmation of its present ownership.

Councillor Morton has had no luck with MCC Estates and will now contact MCC Legal. This matter will remain on Agenda for one more month and if no response is received after that, the Community Council will assume that there is no interest in the Slipway.

ii)Update Actions Mathern War Memorial Maintenance
Still awaiting the quotes for the repainting of the railings. 2 were requested.
Councillors agreed unanimously to accept the quote from Blatchley’s to clean and restore the War Memorial. The Clerk was asked to clarify with Blatchleys that their quote was still valid. Also the advantage of the gilding the lettering and, if repointing was needed, would this be included in the cost.
Blatchleys quote, which was accepted, was for £4323.25
Four quotations for work on the War memorial have been requested but only two companies responded. This has made it impossible to conform to our Financial Regulations which specify 3 quotations should be obtained for major works such as this.

iii) Signage Barn Lane
Clerk chased again 9th April 2018.
Signage now in place.

iv) Actions from Coffee Morning 24th March 2018

Due to the low turnout , it was agreed that we would only hold one coffee morning a year, in March or April. Also that Councillor representatives would attend the Annual Fete in September.
Planning for this November’s 100 year celebrations of the end of World War 1 are underway and a meeting will be arranged shortly to finalise more arrangements.
The position of the banner for the next coffee morning will be the entrance into the village, as suggested by local residents
Clerk to write to our Vicar to ask if time of the 11th November Remembrance Service could be changed to 11 am this year. Clerk to book the bugler.
v) Dog Fouling matters
Another bin has been requested for a private lane in Pwllmeyric. Clerk to contact the person requesting it to find out if the land owner will permit this to be installed. Councillors also highlighted possible access problems for the lorry which would collect the waste.
Should permission be available, clerk to contact MCC to order another bin.
It was unanimously decided that no further bins will be purchased until 2019/2020. With another one possible in Pwllmeyric, we will have 7 bins in total and the ongoing cost for this number is high.

vi) Board Walk, Bishops Mead
Clerk to chase this.

vii) Maintenance – Mounton Village
Verges to be cleared as agreed at the last meeting. Noticeboard maintenance to be completed once carpenter has obtained the required materials.


Pot Holes: Barn lane
A48 entrance to Mathern
A48 by Vets surgery.

Clerk was asked to contact MCC to find out the height limit for trees/branches overhanging a road.
Drains under motorway bridge, Mathern need clearing. Also drains in Barn Lane constantly flooding following heavy rainfall.

Fly tipping: Pumping station, Mathern

a) One Voice Wales
Next Meeting Thursday 19th April 2018 – 7pm Sessions House , Usk.
Councillor F Sainsbury to attend.

b) Representative Community Council Governor for Dell School –
The Chairman of the Governors is happy for this position to pass to St Arvans Community Council in July 2018.
Clerk to email St Arvans CC to inform them, so that they can elect a suitable Councillor to stand as School Governor.

c) Risk assessments – Mather, Mounton and Pwllmeyric
Pwllmeyric and Mounton Risk assessments completed. Awaiting Mathern.

d) Best Kept Garden (as seen from the road) and GAVO Best Kept Village Competitions. (Councillor Morton)
Clerk has received the application forms and circulated to all Councillors.
Completed forms to be with GAVO by 4pm Friday 18th May 2018
Councillor Morton to set up the Best Kept Garden competition and advertise accordingly.

e) Defibrillator – Monthly Checking
Councillor N Bailey volunteered to check the defibrillator on a regular basis with ad hoc spot checks by other Councillors.
This to start immediately

f) Office equipment for the Clerk – lockable cabinet and chair.
Clerk had costings for a new office chair and lockable cabinet.
Clerk was advised to order these. Chair to have lockable wheels.

106/17 Planning
a) New submissions:

DM/2018/00494 – Wentworth House
Garage/ Kitchen/ utility area extension and house walls makeover.
No Comments.

DM/2018/00437 – 1 The Crescent, Mathern
Loft Conversion with rear dormer
No Comments.

Town and planning schedule 1 Article 4 (4) 2C AND 2 D
Full planning application for the development of a workshop (B2) two storey (B1)
Valet car preparation area, parking areas for car display (B8) and associated infrastructure works.
Land at Newhouse Farm Industrial Estate, Chepstow NP16 6UD

Clerk to contact acting agents and request they attend our next meeting to give a full overview of proposed plans.

DC/2018/00183 – The Cedars, Pwllmeyric – Proposed detached double garage
Comments – Impact on Rose Cottage should be minimized.

b) Decisions and appeals – None

c) Enforcement –
Update Border Waste, Crick
No response from MCC Enforcement.


Cheque Number Details Amount (£)
101807 Storage Boxes 22.59
101808 Merlin Waste (Dog Bins) 35.70
101809 What’s on leaflet and distribution 100.00
101810 Telephone and internet 38.99
101811 Postage and Files 22.02

The Grant for Chepstow Street Pastors has been returned by the organisation as
it no longer has a presence in Chepstow. The sum will be carried forward (in Grants fund) to 2018/2019.

D D Pension for March £ 107.27
Online Payment Salary for February £ 565.37

PAYE – NI £131.83
Internet Payment £13.20 Stock it Ltd. (Licence)

Monthly Bank reconciliation for March – authorisation by Cllr Jayne Harris.

March 2018 – Receipt of £1000.00 Rhewl Farm Community Benefit Monies –


Further CPR and Defib Training Thursday 29th September.
Already 6 people booked onto this.

What’s On leaflet, printed and circulated by Councillor J Harris.
Councillors thanked Councillor Harris for producing this. Next issue to be circulated August/September.


Village Green, The Church, Mathern. See Feedback from Coffee Morning.
MCC advised that a representative can visit their Land Charge Department at County Hall to ascertain any registered land. County Councillor Brown agreed to do this on the CC’s behalf. Councillors thanked her for doing this.
The Chairman has received an email regarding the ownership of the Village Green from the Mathern, Mounton and Pwllmeyric Villages in Bloom committee (MMVB). They also wish to replace the planters on the Green and re-site them around the St. Tewdric carving . Councillor Merrett to contact them as the reason that the existing planters were installed near the kerb was to stop people parking on the grass by the Church and churning up the grass.

Update – revised Data Protection (GDPR) Act
The existing law on this changes on 25th May 2018– Clerk and Chairman to work on new forms in readiness for the next meeting. Forms and policies then to be circulated to all Councillors for adoption.

Place Plan for the community – research etc.
A discussion took place and councillors asked the Clerk to contact other Councils to see if they have completed a plan.


Next Meeting 14th May Annual Community Meeting 7 pm in small room of the Village Hall

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.05 pm.

Signed …………………………….. CHAIRMAN Date……………….