Minutes July 2018


Minutes of the Council meeting held on Monday 9th July 2018
at Mathern Village Hall.
Councillors – D Harris (Vice Chair), D Merrett, C Morton, N Bailey, F Sainsbury.

Also in attendance:
Clerk – Mrs J Kelley
County Councillor L Brown
Mrs H Counsell (Clerk to Shirenewton Community Council)
No members of the Public
No police representatives

The Chairperson welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

(i) Public Comment
– Cllr D Harris reported that a defibrillator had recently been used successfully at Chepstow Leisure Centre. Clerk is pursuing registration of the Mathern defibrillator.
Cllr C Morton advised that there is a free app from the British Red Cross for mobile phones that gives the nearest defibrillator location.

ii)Report from Community Police
No report received this month and no officers attended the meeting.
PCSO A Jones had been on extended absence from work but had recently returned.

iii) Apologies
Councillors C Ovenden, M McHugh and G Down.

(iv) Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary Interest:
There were none.

(v) Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 11th June 2018 were read and agreed as true records, subject to one amendment. There were no matters arising.
County Councillor Brown advised:
The current Minister in the Welsh Government, Alan Davies has indicated that he will no longer be pushing plans to merge county councils and will make a full statement on the topic at the Welsh Assembly on the 17 July.

Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) approved obtaining a policy commitment to work towards being a plastic free county. The full details of the report can be seen on the MCC website for the Council meeting on the 21st of June 2018.
The Adults Select Committee has a meeting at County Hall at Usk on the 19 July at 3pm with the Health Board on the proposed way forward for Chepstow and the community hospital. There is a 15 minute public forum at the start of the meeting.
In addition the Adults Select Committee have looked at their Bed and Breakfast Policy and preventing homelessness. Unfortunately the lack of available accommodation has necessitated a B & B policy whilst working towards other alternatives.
The Lower Wye Committee is meeting on the 18 July 2018 at 10am at Chepstow Leisure Centre with expected attendance from community councillors who have previously attended but all community councillors and members of the public are welcome as there is a public open forum


i) Ancient slipway and ownership of St Tewdric’s Well.
Slipway – no progress. On hold at present.
Well – not inspected in 2017. Next inspection due March 2019. Council to monitor and report any concerns to Highways, Mon CC.
Interpretation board to be agenda-ed for next meeting with content to be decided.

ii) Maintenance, Mounton Village
C Jones to repair noticeboard.
Signage reported to Highways.

iii) Sewage Pollution – Mounton Brook
Matter ongoing. Welsh Water has promised repair work July/August 2018. Cllr Brown to respond expressing disappointment that the work had not been undertaken during the recent weeks of dry spell.
iv) Restoration of war memorial
Council agreed that the work looked good. No invoice received as yet.

v) Unauthorised road signage – Pwllmeyric
County Councillor Brown investigating. Planning Officer, A Pankhurst, was contacted and advised that the case had been closed as there were no details of the alleged breach. Clerk to send e-mailed information to Cllr Brown to pursue.

vi) Wasteland at corner of Barn Lane
The land is held by the Vaughan Hughes Trust. Cllr Ovenden had e-mailed the land owners asking them to tidy up this piece of land and was advised that the family were discussing their options. Cllr Brown to check with the Legal Dept., Mon CC whether a letter was sent to the landowner at ‘Cherry Trees’, Mathern some 18 months ago.
Council to consider requesting that Enforcement, Mon CC, issue a Section 125 Untidy Land Order under the Town & Country Planning Act 1990.

vii) Traffic flow through Mathern to St Tewdrics House wedding venue
Owners are aware of this and are encouraging attendees of the event not to use Barn Lane. This is not an issue that is within the remit of the Community Council and concerned residents would need to contact Highways, Mon CC with any further issues.

viii) Additional dog waste bin on private land at Pwllmeyric – no progress.
Monitoring of bin emptying throughout the summer to be continued.


Clerk to report the following:
Mounton roundabout: new signs required
Barn Lane and Mounton village: Pot holes
Buftons to Bailey’s Hay – Overgrown hedges
Badger’s Meadow access to Chepstow Road – Give Way road markings worn away.
There are several footpaths in the area which, because of farming activity, are impassable for walkers. It was agreed that this should be passed on to the M.C.C. Footpaths Officer, as follows:
S.S.West of Mathern Village Street:- Footpath numbers – 9/10/ 22/24 A/12/13/23/24/25
Footpaths to the east and south of Moynes Court are also blocked by crop growing: nos. 15/16/17
coastal path 14, 18, 19, 73

a) One Voice Wales
Cllr Sainsbury advised that he no longer wished to be the Council representative.
Next meeting to take place on 19.7.18 at 7pm at the Sessions House, Usk. No Councillors were available to attend.

b) Risk assessments – Mathern, Mounton and Pwllmeyric
Risk assessment for Mathern still outstanding. The question was asked whether a risk assessment was carried out for grass cutting. It was explained that, as the contract is with Mon CC, it would be their responsibility to ensure that contractors had adequate insurance cover.

c) GAVO Best Kept Village Competition.
Judging completed during June 2018.
Wales in Bloom entered. Judging took place on 5th July 2018.
Three suggestions were made for an impartial judge for the Mathern Best Kept Garden
(T Phillips, J Wood, J Comben).

d. Defibrillator Monthly Checking
Clerk to the Council, J Kelley carried out the monthly check on the defibrillator in July – all well.
Advertising location to go ahead. Next training session 27 November 2018,
See Public Comments (above).


a) New submissions: None.
b) Decisions and appeals – None.

Cheque Number Details Amount (£)
101829 Mr T Bryant 75.00
101830 Merlin Waste 37.50
101831 W Bentley 150.00
101832 J Kelley 38.99

D D Pension for June 118.36
Online Payment Salary for June 628.16
PAYE – NI 161.01
Internet Payment £13.20 Stock it Ltd. (Licence)

Council resolved to make all payments as listed.
Monthly Bank Reconciliation for June – authorisation by Cllr N Bailey

Revised Model Standing Orders – Council resolved to adopt the revised Standing Orders.


1) Response from Mon CC regarding blocked footpaths – Clerk to respond.

2) Wedding venue at Mounton Brook Lodge (possible August event) –
Planning Enforcement, Mon CC has been asked to check the venue for fire regulations as 300 guests have been invited – no response as yet. Clerk to check whether the LED strip lighting has been approved.
Councillors were still very concerned with parking at this events centre.

3) Planning and Enforcement Training 11.6.18 – notes and slides circulated.

4) Road Safety Conference (all day) at Celtic Manor on 7 September 2018.

5) Dog Fouling Awareness Day 4 July – apologies sent. Next meeting to be held on Wednesday 7 November at 2pm at County Hall, Usk.


(i) It was agreed to use Mathern phone box as a book exchange – Terry Hodges- Vine Cottage to be contacted regarding installation of book shelves. Cllr D Harris to check the kiosk.
ii) Village Plan – Judith Langdon, Place Officer, Mon CC to be invited to a meeting to discuss further. H Counsell to forward contact details.
iii) Update from Cllr J Harris – plans for November event to commemorate the end of World War 1 – carried forward.
iv) Request from resident for seat in bus shelter – Clerk to cost.
v) Cover required for front of noticeboard – Clerk to cost.
vi) Ancient site behind Moynes Court – CADW advised that the moated ditch was not supposed to be touched by the tenant farmer who had planted maize. The farmer cut the maize on 6.7.18 and appears to be complying with CADW instructions.
vii) Resident complaint of an overgrown tree and untidy land at Bishop’s Mead, Mathern. Cllr McHugh cut back today (9.7.18) but tree needs taking down. Clerk to contact Jim Keech, Tree Officer, Mon CC regarding the safety of the tree, then pursue with Monmouthshire Housing Association who owns the land.

Next Meeting Monday 20th August 2018 at 7 pm in small room of the Village Hall

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 8.20 pm.

Signed …………………………….. CHAIRMAN Date……………….