November Minutes 2018


Minutes of the Council meeting held on Monday 12th November 2018
at Mathern Village Hall.
Councillors –

Also in attendance:
County Councillor L Brown
Clerk – Mrs J Kelley
One members of the Public
No police representatives

The Chairperson welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

(i) Public Comment

No Public Comments

ii)Report from Community Police
7/10/18 – Report of a drive off without paying for fuel from Pwllmeyric petrol station.
23/10/18 – Report of a 62 plate grey Ford Fiesta stolen off a driveway of a Property on Baileys Hay lane sometime in the previous 11 days .
24/10/18 – Report of pupil being hit by a vehicle as he got off the school bus at the bus stop on the top of Pwllmeyric Hill . This was reported to police the day after it occurred. The pupil was taken to hospital later that day with foot and other injuries which were not life threatening.
31/10/18 – Report of two males shoplifting in Chepstow Garden Centre. A quantity of Yankee Candles was taken.
31/10/18 – Report of a wallet taken from the changing rooms at St Pierre Country Club.
2/11/18 – Report of a drive off without paying for fuel from Pwllmeyric petrol station.
Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity/crime at the time via either 101 or 999 if you deem it an emergency

iii) Apologies
Councillors F. Sainsbury and M. McHugh.

(iv) Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary Interest:
There were none.

(v) Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 8th October 2018 were read and agreed as true record. There were no matters arising.

(vi) Council to pass a resolution to exclude the public and Press while
it discusses a confidential matter item 69/18 (a).
The resolution was passed to exclude the public and Press from agenda item 69/18 a

County Councillor Brown advised:
Therapeutic Fostering
• The Cabinet of Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) recently agreed a report to set up a multi-disciplinary therapeutic fostering service for looked after young people and children for the needs of the complex and most troubled children. Successful pilots have taken place elsewhere and it helps to avoid residential care outside of the area and aims for better outcomes. The report can be found at the following link:

Affordable Housing Rural Allocations Policy
• The Adults Select Committee at their meeting on the 23 October 2018 considered the rural allocations policy to remove areas no longer considered rural, but this did not affect areas in our ward. In order to be considered for affordable housing due to local connection, requires the local person to have lived there for 5 years at the time of the application or in the past. It is important to consider getting evidence for this local connection as detailed in the policy, as the person only has 7 working days from an offer in order to provide it. It is of interest to note that the Clerk to the community council is allowed to provide a letter of local connection support, as detailed in the policy at Appendix 1 in the following link:

Provisional Budget MCC
• The provisional local government settlement 2019/20 from Welsh Government has done nothing to alleviate MCCs position as the worst funded Council in Wales per head of population. The average per capita funding in Wales is £1,334 compared to Monmouthshire’s £995.

• Monmouthshire has yet again received one of the worst settlements in Wales receiving 1% less than the previous year. Whilst the average cut to Welsh councils is 0.5%, Monmouthshire’s 1% decrease shared with five other counties is the biggest in Wales.

• All 22 local authority leaders in Wales have complained to the Welsh Government Minister about the provisional budget cuts being proposed for local government that will inevitably make for very difficult decisions on budget making.

• MCC planning committee on the 6 November 2018 considered reports on three major housing developments and gave outline approval. 291 houses plus the care facility to eventually replace and update Severn View Care home on the Crick Road Portskewett, a development already allocated in the Local Development Plan (LDP). 130 houses in Caldicot in the Church Road area and 111 houses in Raglan, which were both unallocated sites not in the LDP. I expressed concern at the planning committee about the cumulative impact of developments on the infrastructure, traffic and surgeries for unallocated sites not in the LDP.

• It is expected that more sites will be put forward in stage 1 of the call for sites for the review of the LDP in our locality and published in December 2018.

Lower Wye Committee
• Community Councillor Graham Down and I attended the local Lower Wye committee on the 17 October. The meeting covered a number of local issues including the Wye Valley Link road in Chepstow, which is the road, which links to the motorway junction. Road safety on this link road has been looked into following on from the fatality there. Next year Welsh Government trunk road agency expect to introduce a reduced 50mph limit with speed cameras and a no stopping clearway. The laybys will remain, as will the rights of way from Mathern to Bulwark across the road. I asked for there to be a 30mph consistency for the roads leading up to the High Beech roundabout at Chepstow and this seemed to be accepted as a good proposal, but time will tell if implemented. I also continue to raise the issue of the need for not only a bypass for Chepstow from the Gloucestershire end of the town but also the need for an M48 link to draw off the traffic from Caldicot going through Pwllmeyric to the motorway junction. A fuller report on this committee has been provided by Cllr Down.


i) Maintenance, Mounton Village
Repair to Noticeboard all completed and invoice paid.
Roundabout still not completed.

ii) Sewage Pollution – Mounton Brook
A contractor has been appointed for this work. Starting date uncertain.

iii) Telephone Box use
Cllr Merrett and Cllr Harris have met contractor. Shelving to be installed and then used as a book and magazine exchange.

iv) Trees – Bishop Mead – Mathern
Stump now removed and invoice paid.

v) Response from M C C re bench in bus shelter – as not on C C property.
Response from MCC states that, although they own this, they are unable to place a bench in the shelter due to lack of funds.
Clerk to ask if they have any objection to the C C financing this.

vi) Installation of Dog Bin top of Barn Lane
M C C to install this new bin within the next 3 weeks.
Still not installed. Clerk to Chase.

vii) S106 list for MCC
List submitted and MCC have confirmed receipt.
List to be reviewed annually.
Councillor Down and County Councillor Brown asked for some amendments to be made. However Councillors who were present at the October meeting were happy with the current wording of the document.

viii) Remembrance Day Service – Silhouette purchase/ Traffic Control
The service was very well attended. Clerk to send Thank You cards to
Vicar, C and C Wheeler, Jayne and Nicola, Mrs Pitt, Traffic Volunteers, Bugler.
Next year the Clerk to ask Mathern Male Voice Choir to sing the Welsh National Anthem at the Service.
Councillors discussed the excellent village history exhibition which Mrs Pitt put on. They expressed concern as this is the last one she intends to oversee. Councillors felt it was very important that these items weren’t lost to the village.
The Silhouette was well received and would be kept out until the caretakers of the memorial felt fit.


• Large pot holes – Barn Lane. Clerk to chase MCC Highways on this as road conditions are unacceptable at present
• Clerk to enquire how often MCC do weedkilling on highways throughout 3 Villages.
• Gullies need clearing once leaves and fallen through all 3 Villages.

a) One Voice Wales – Representative to be selected
Next meetings 17th January 2019, 4th April 2019,
18th July 2019.
Cllrs to try to rotate attendance at these the meetings. Clerk to agenda for next meeting.

Councillor Ovenden can attend the meeting on 17th January .

Councillor G Down circulated a report on the Chepstow Cluster meeting and
Lower Wye Meeting which he attended on behalf of the C C

b) GAVO Best Kept Village Competition.
Results were circulated before this meeting.
Mathern Won in there Category
Category up to 401 – 1,000 Winner Highly Commended
Best Kept Village Mathern Llanellen
Best Kept Hall Mathern
Best Kept War Memorial Mathern
Best Kept Churchyard Llanellen
Best Kept Pub Mathern
Mounton and Pwllmeyric were unsuccessful

Councillors felt that the judging form for the hamlet of Mounton is unsuitable. Feedback to be given to GAVO.

Councillors noted that Shirenewton are in the wrong category again this year.
Clerk to email GAVO asking that the categories are checked before next years’ competition.

c.) Defibrillator- Monthly Checking
Monthly check on the defibrillator carried out by Cllr N Bailey on 11 th November 2018.
In full working order – she noted that due, to the noise of the pub generator, it is hard to hear the defibrillator. It was noted however that, providing the green light is illuminated, it is not necessary to hear the apparatus.
Following an advert placed in “ What’s On” magazine, 5 people have asked to be added to the next round of training.
Clerk to investigate a training session for a Saturday in the New Year.


a) New submissions:

DM/2018/01758 – Bentley Green – Two storey rear extension.
No Objections.

DM/2018/01662 – 4 Pwllmeyric Close – Outline Planning New Dwelling.
No Objections

DM/201829 – 18 Orchid Meadow – Proposed First Floor side extension.
No Objections

b) Decisions and appeals – None.
c) Enforcement
Border Waste: Hearing adjourned to the start of December 2018 due to bad health .

Cheque Number Details Amount
101853 Stamps 15.00
101854 Stock it Ltd (website) 30.00
101855 K C Jones (Noticeboard Mounton) 163.44
101856 W Bentley(removal tree stump) 150.00
101857 Merlin Waste 37.50
101858 British Legion (Wreath) 25.00
101859 S L C C 115.00
101860 Telephone and Internet 41.49
101861 Albert Goodman – 120.00
101862 What’s On Leaflets 80.00
101863 O V W – Training 438.60
101864 T Bryant – grass cut Mounton 75.00
101865 Remembrance Lunch 11 11 18 500.00

Internet Payment 250.00 British Legion
D D Pension For October £122.25
Online Payment Salary for October £645.13
PAYE – NI £173.18
Internet Payment £13.20 Stock it Ltd. License

Monthly Bank Reconciliation for October – authorisation by Cllr J Harris

Detailed Receipts and Payments were discussed and it was noted that Village Up- keep stood at 117.3% of budget. This overspend to be made up from reserves.
Analysis attached.


• Code of Conduct Training – Training took place on Thursday 8th November in Mathern Village Hall.
Feedback from Councillors: excellent training. All learnt
from it.
All Cllrs apart from Cllr Bailey, who was ill, attended.
Clerk to circulate the OVW training list for all Cllrs to attend
further courses. Regular training is likely to become
mandatory for Community Councillors in future.

• Planning Aid Wales (PAW) response re training assistance in producing a Village Plan:
PAW to advise us when training is taking place for Chepstow Town Council as they would like to include us in their training session.
• Email from Village Hall committee re. Grants, Solar Farm Monies and 106 details.
Clerk has responded with details needed for the Solar Farm Monies – detailed costings and plans required before this money is allocated.
• Request to remove a tree – Step a Side – Mathern
As this property is in the conservation area, permission is required to remove trees. Clerk has advised the residents.
• Final report of Independent Review Panel on Community and Town Councils in Wales.
Report was circulated.
Clerk to contact OVW to ask the procedure for responding to this document. (e-mailed prior to meeting)
• Report from Remuneration Panel for Wales re allowances for Community Councillors.
From next March all Councillors can claim £150.00 per annum for their work. This figure would be taxable. Councillors need to put their request in writing to the Clerk if they do not wish to receive this payment.
To be discussed at December Finance meeting

Zurich Insurance – Personal Accident Claim
It was resolved to process a claim with our Insurance Company for a Personal Accident. A volunteer for the Community Council was injured whilst working for it.
Attached – private minute regarding this matter.

Christmas Meal to be arranged for Sunday 27th January at the Millers Arms in Mathern.

Rights of Way improvement plan workshop – 21.11.2018.
Unfortunately due to prior commitments, no Councillor was able to attend. Apologies to be sent.

It was agreed that the next meeting, being the annual Finance meeting, should take place on Monday 10th December 2018 at 7pm in the small room of the Village Hall.
It was noted that members of the Public are excluded from this meeting

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

Signed …………………………….. CHAIRMAN Date………………