October 2018


Minutes of the Council meeting held on Monday 8th October 2018
at Mathern Village Hall.
Councillors – D Harris (Chair) – D Merrett and J Harris

Also in attendance:
County Councillor L Brown
Clerk – Mrs J Kelley
No members of the Public
No police representatives

The Chairperson welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

(i) Public Comment

ii)Report from Community Police
Here is the crime report for the Mathern area between the above dates:
12/9/18 – Report of a drive-off without paying for fuel from Pwllmeyric petrol station.
17/9/18 – Report of two dwelling burglaries in Pwllmeyric. Happened while both sets of residents were away. Access was gained via smashing a rear door at both properties and items taken from inside. Make sure when you are away that your trusted neighbours are aware .
Please remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity/crime at the time via either 101 or 999 if you deem it an emergency.
iii) Apologies
Councillors C Ovenden, C Morton, N Bailey, F Sainsbury.

(iv) Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary Interest:
There were none.

(v) Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 10th September 2018 were read and agreed as true record. There were no matters arising.
Report as below
C Cllr Brown advised that she had attended the Chepstow Cluster meeting on 5.9.18. Chepstow Town Council had suggested a Chepstow and surrounding area Cluster Plan, with local Village Plans incorporated into it.

C Cllr Brown advised that she had attended the full Council meeting on the 20.9.18 Sept. Planning matters were discussed and it was agreed to place an appropriate weight, which could be seen as equivalent to some weight on the lack of a 5 year land supply for Monmouthshire. The decision is to cover the interim time before a full review as part of the current Local Development Plan (LDP). This means that speculative development in unallocated sites may be considered until the 5 year land supply has been met in Monmouthshire, but that applications would still be subject to planning ground rules. Unfortunately the decision was to concentrate on the Chepstow and Severnside area and the south of the county.


i) Maintenance, Mounton Village
C Jones to repair noticeboard.
Replacement signage on roundabout still awaited. Reported to Highways again.
Both still outstanding.

ii) Sewage Pollution – Mounton Brook
A contractor has been chosen to do the work for the DCWW Water Board following a procurement exercise. This contractor will now need to draw up a plan to meet the requirements for the work, as access and egress will entail crossing over the brook.

iii) Telephone Box use
Cllr Merrett to arrange for a quote for shelving to be installed in the phone box and for the door to be checked so that it can be opened more easily.

iv) Trees – Bishop Mead – Mathern
Monmouthshire Housing are happy for the Community Council to remove the tree stump as long as a qualified tree surgeon is used.
Quote for £150.00 has been received & work to go ahead to remove the stump.

v) Response from M C C re bench in bus shelter – as not on C C property.
No response from M C C .
Village Hall committee will investigate putting a cover over the posters on their noticeboard
Clerk to chase MCC for a response re Bus shelter bench.
vi) As per minutes 38/18 MCC section 106 agreements –
Clerk has drawn up a plan which was circulated with the Agenda. This to be amended and then agreed. Clerk will then forward it to MCC Planners.

vii) Installation of Dog Bin top of Barn Lane
M C C to install this new bin within the next 3 weeks.


• Clerk to contact Highways re the greenery around the entrance to St Pierre Golf Course. It needs to be cut back to make visibility better when exiting the turning.

• Large pot holes – Barn Lane. Clerk to chase MCC Highways on this as road conditions are unacceptable at present

a) One Voice Wales – Representative to be selected
Next meetings 17th January 2019, 4th April 2019,
18th July 2019.
Cllrs to try to rotate attendance at these the meetings. Clerk to agenda for next meeting.

Councillor Ovenden can attend the meeting on 17th January .

b) GAVO Best Kept Village Competition.
Presentation arranged by GAVO for Wednesday 17th October 6 till 9 at Llanarth Village Hall. Awaiting invitations. 4 representatives from MMPVB invited to attend.
c.) Defibrillator Monthly Checking
Monthly check on the defibrillator carried out on 2018 by Cllr N Bailey.
In full working order.
Only 5 people attended the training on 27th September which was very disappointing –
An advert to be placed requesting names of people interested in future CPR and Defib training in the next Mathern “What’s On” magazine.
If enough interest is shown, Clerk to investigate a suitable date on a Saturday for more training sessions.

a) New submissions:
DV/2018/01435 2 Step a Side – rear two storey extension
No Objections
Clerk to advise MCC that a different applicant’s name was noted on the drawings to that on the plans
b) Decisions and appeals – None.
c) Enforcement
Border Waste: Hearing adjourned to the start of November 2018 due to bad health .

Cheque Number Details Amount (£)
101848 Merlin Waste 37.50
101849 Training Defib 50.00
101850 Telephone and Internet 41.49
101851 Batteries for Defib 10.00
101852 Donation -Dell School (defibrillator) 50.00

D D Pension for August 96.85
Online Payment Salary for August 533.00
PAYE – NI 96.00
Internet Payment 13.20 Stock it Ltd. (Licence)
Internet payment 98.26 Stationery

A Direct Debit for £35.00 was set up for the Information Commission for annual payment.

Council resolved to make all payments as listed.

Monthly Bank Reconciliation for September – authorisation by Cllr J Harris.


• Code of Conduct training dates have been circulated and agreed date is
8th November 2018
Clerk to email Councillors not present tonight to check they can all attend

• Planning Aid Wales response re training assistance in producing a Village Plan:
Clerk to respond, asking for assistance in facilitating the various groups within the village. Also help to coordinate and assist with suitable questionnaires to ensure a wide variety of opinions are obtained before a final plan is produced.


• Update from Councillor J Harris re plans for event in November to commemorate end of World War I.
Flyers have now been circulated for this event and plans are all in place for a light lunch from 11.30 am.

• Clerk has emailed PCSO to ask about road closure for the War Memorial service. Advised they are unable to assist. Suggested contacting Highways.
• Cllr J Harris circulated a draft of the What’s On leaflet. This was approved.
Invoice to be given to the Clerk for printing and distribution once received.
• St Arvans Community Council has approached our Clerk to ask for a contribution of £50.00 towards a Defib for The Dell School. This was agreed.
• Cllr J Harris advised that she was unable to get onto the Council’s Website page to check the content.
Clerk to contact R Stock to investigate this.

• Clerk to ring British Legion to obtain a cost for a Silent Silhouette statue
These cost £250.00. Clerk checked with Cllrs present at the meeting who authorised her to purchase 1. To be placed in the vicinity of the War Memorial.
A BACS payment was set up for this purchase.

Next Meeting Monday 12th November 2018 at 7 pm in small room of the Village Hall. There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

Signed …………………………….. CHAIRMAN Date……………….