September 2018


Minutes of the Council meeting held on Monday 10th September 2018
at Mathern Village Hall.
Councillors – C Ovenden (Chair), D Merrett, N Bailey, F Sainsbury, D Harris, M McHugh at 7.20.
Also in attendance:
County Councillor L Brown
Clerk – Mrs J Kelley
No members of the Public
No police representatives

The Chairperson welcomed all to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

Chairman and Councillors expressed their best wishes to Cllr Morton and wished her a speedy recovery following her recent accident. Clerk was asked to send flowers to her.

(i) Public Comment
ii)Report from Community Police
25/8/18 – Report of a vehicle damaged by an unknown vehicle whilst parked in the Garden Centre.

28/8/18 – Report of a vehicle damaged whilst parked near Bishops Mead ( not related to the above ). Enquiries ongoing .

2/9/18 – Report of a cyclist coming off his bike on Mathern lane . The male was taken to hospital with injuries. The road was closed whilst this incident was dealt with.

3/9/18 – Report of a two vehicle RTC on the A48 near the entrance to St Pierre and Hayesgate Lane . A car had collided with a bus. The female car driver was taken to hospital by helicopter with injuries not deemed at the time to be life threatening . Thankfully there were no injuries to passengers and driver of the bus . The road was closed between 15.45 hrs and 21.00hrs whilst the major incident was dealt with.

3/9/18 – Report of two vehicles racing around Mathern village whilst the above incident was taking place. The one vehicle was red but no indexes were taken.

We have attended to support the Pwllmeyric community speed watch group a couple of times in the last few months and they are doing a sterling job at helping to reduce the speed of traffic in the area. Many thanks to them for their continuing efforts
iii) Apologies
Councillors J Harris, and C Morton

(iv) Declarations of Personal or Pecuniary Interest:
There were none.

(v) Minutes of the previous meeting
Minutes of the meeting held on 20th August 2018 were read and agreed as true record. There were no matters arising.
Report as below

County Councillor Brown advised:
• Monmouthshire County Council Cabinet met on Sept. 5th. The meeting covered reports of interest to parents. These can be found in the following link:
• Firstly, 30-hour free childcare will be offered for eligible parents of children aged 3 to 4 years from Jan. 2019. The application process opens from Nov. 2018.
• Secondly, at the same Cabinet meeting, a report back on the response to the consultation exercise on Additional Learning Needs (ALN) review and inclusion services across Monmouthshire was given.
• The response studied proposals for the individual schools catering for ALN. It proposed currently not to proceed with previous suggested changes at Mounton House Special School, Pwllmeyric.
• A Joint Select meeting of Adults Select & Economy and Development Select Committee on Friday 7 Sept. 2018 looked at planning matters.
• The second report at the Sept. 7th meeting in the above link concerned the weight given to the lack of a 5-year housing supply. It was decided that a hybrid model would be adopted. This means that speculative sites will be considered but subject to the usual planning considerations and ground rules.
• Examples of ground rules include that the required percentage of affordable housing must not be in an allocated green wedge e.g. between Chepstow and Pwllmeyric. The appropriate time to review green wedges is via the new LDP.
• It is also of concern that there is a focus on building around Chepstow and the Severnside area. It is however recognised that there is a need for a County approach as this area alone will not meet the shortfall.
• This means that, in view of speculative sites and the later development of the Local Development Plan (LDP), there may well be the potential for house building in the local area This will exceed the already stretched local infrastructure (i.e. road and traffic capacity, health care, sewerage capacity etc.).
• The expectation is that the demand for housing is likely to increase following the removal of the Severn Bridge tolls ( due to be removed at the start of 2019).
• This report on planning will again go to full Council on Sept. 20th 2018.
• Pwllmeyric Speed watch volunteers attended the Mathern fete on Sept. 8th. They are interested in recruiting more volunteers. If anyone who lives locally is interested please email me on


i) Ancient slipway and ownership of St Tewdric’s Well.
Matter to be left off the agenda until the 2019 inspection by Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) is completed. The Community Council will then approach MCC to ask if we can install a new interpretation panel here.
Councillors noted that CADW hold no interest in the slipway.
ii) Maintenance, Mounton Village
C Jones to repair noticeboard.
Replacement signage on roundabout still awaited. Reported to Highways again.
Both still outstanding.

iii) Sewage Pollution – Mounton Brook
Welsh Water are consulting with a landowners’ agent for work required upstream to deal with this. They hope to start work in September ( but at least this side of winter).

iv) Telephone Box use
Cllr Merrett to arrange for a quote for shelving to be installed in the phone box and for the door to be checked so that it can be opened more easily.

v) Trees – Bishop Mead – Mathern
Monmouthshire Housing are happy for the Community Council to remove the tree stump as long as a qualified tree surgeon is used.
Quote for £150.00 has been received & work to go ahead to remove the stump.

vi) Response from M C C re bench in bus shelter – as not on C C property.
No response from M C C re bench.
Clerk to write to Village Hall committee to ask if they own the noticeboard
in the bus shelter and if they would like a new board to be installed.

vii) Service of Remembrance 11th November 2018
Service to take place at 10.45 at the War Memorial. Memorial to be decorated with bunting by Chris Wheeler.


The entrance to St Pierre was discussed. Cllrs feel most strongly that this junction is very dangerous and that consideration should be given to moving the entrance towards Parkwall so that a splay can be made off the A48. Alternatively, no right hand turn should be permitted from the exit across the carriageway. County Cllr Brown is in discussion with M C C Highways re this stretch of road as residents of Hayesgate are very concerned about it.
Cllrs to investigate if the greenery around the entrance needs to be cut back to make visibility better.

a) One Voice Wales – Representative to be selected
Next meetings 4th October 2018, 17th January 2019, 4th April 2019,
18th July 2019.
Cllrs to try and rotate attendance at these the meetings. Clerk to agenda for next meeting.

No Councillor is available to attend the 4th October meeting.

b) Risk assessments – Mathern, Mounton and Pwllmeyric
Risk assessments for Mathern all completed.
Issues from Assessments – No lock to be placed on Well gate as public members only climb over the gate.
Benches in Mathern to be painted in March.
Defibrillator cabinet to have its post code printed on it.

c) GAVO Best Kept Village Competition.
Presentation arranged by GAVO for Wednesday 17th October 6 till 9 at Llanarth Village Hall. Awaiting invitations.

d. Defibrillator Monthly Checking
Monthly check on the defibrillator carried out on 9th September 2018 by Cllr N Bailey.
In full working order.
Next training session in its use -27 September 2018, 7.00 –8.30pm.

e. Community Village Plan – Due to be discussed at MCC Cluster Meeting
Minutes not available yet.
Clerk to contact Planning Aid Wales to seek advice on this and any relevant courses they may be running.


a) New submissions:
b) Decisions and appeals – None.
c) Enforcement
The Border Waste court case is due to be heard on 17th September 2018.
Cheque Number Details Amount (£)
101842 J Kelley – Stationery 7.95
101843 J Kelley – Expenses 150.00
101844 Merlin Waste 37.50
101845 Telephone/internet 38.99
101846 Mathern Village Fete 100.00
101847 Combens 35.00
Precept payment from M C C received – £5933.00

D D Pension for August 128.36
Online Payment Salary for August 670.56
PAYE – NI 180.78
Internet Payment 13.20 Stock it Ltd. (Licence)

Council resolved to make all payments as listed.

Monthly Bank Reconciliation for August – authorisation by Cllr F Sainsbury

• Spending to budget review – Cllrs satisfied that finances are on track. Alpha spread sheet reviewed again.
• Clerk to chase MCC re dog bin purchase for Barn Lane.
• Noted – village upkeep with tree removal from Bishops Mead will be on budget.
• Forthcoming Code of Conduct training (Nov. 2018) – £399.00.

Internal Audit review circulated. All suggested actions to be introduced.

External Audit results received and the Annual Return has now been approved and accepted by the Council. Some small issues were arising and the report was presented to the Council. An action plan will be produced by the Clerk to address these.
The annual return and notice of conclusion of audit has been displayed in a conspicuous place for 14 days.

Quarterly Community Grant applications – None received.
Items to come from allocated grants funds:
Village celebration for Remembrance Day- £500.00
A donation of £100.00 was agreed for the village fete.


• Code of Conduct training dates have been circulated and agreed date is
8th November 2018
• MCC – Sections 106 agreements – Town and Community Councils in Monmouthshire to compile registers of existing and potential community projects and aspirations in their localities.
Clerk to product a report for this with Cllrs input – report to be circulated with next Agenda. To include disabled toilets for Village Hall, play equipment and funding for both Athletic Club and Village Hall.


• Update from Councillor J Harris re plans for event in November to commemorate end of World War I. Not available as Cllr Harris was away.
Clerk to email PCSO to ask about road closure for the War Memorial service.

• No Cold Calling – breaches within the area.
A leaflet received from MCC was circulated with door stickers. (Residents to please ask if more stickers are required.)

Next Meeting Monday 8th October 2018 at 7 pm in small room of the Village Hal

There being no further business to discuss, the meeting closed at 9.20 pm.

Signed …………………………….. CHAIRMAN Date……………….