Notice of Noise Activity Caerwent Training Area.


Noisy Activity on Caerwent Training Area

For the duration commencing Thursday 1st Feb through to Wednesday 28th Feb 2018.

The level of Gun fire and Noise Activity will be as follows:

Thursday 1st will be Low (with illumination).
Friday 2nd through to Saturday 3rd will be Medium (with illumination).
Sunday 4th through to Thursday 8th will be High (with illumination).
Friday 9th and Sunday 11th will be Medium (with illumination).
Monday 12th through to Friday 22nd will be VERY High (with illumination)
Saturday 23rd through to Wednesday 28th will be Medium (with illumination

Helicopters are scheduled to support the exercise.

Your support is greatly appreciated:

If you have any concerns please call on 07773973321 or by E-Mail.

Signed: Peter Davies
Peter Davies,
Deputy Training Safety Officer
DIO SD Training Wales & West
Caerwent Training Area