About Mathern Community Council

What does your Council do for your community?

The Community Council is a non-political council made up of nine members of the community of Mathern, Mounton and Pwllmeyric. We are elected, or co-opted, to serve a term of four years. We give our time on a voluntary basis, we are not paid for the work we do and we do not receive expenses. The Council does have a paid employee, Mrs. Jane Kelley, who is Clerk to the Council.

Meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month in the small meeting room at Mathern Village Hall. At these meetings, we go through our Agenda (which is displayed on the Community Council notice boards in the village as well as on this site), and deal with any matters arising from the previous month’s meeting. There is also time set aside at the start of the meeting during which residents of the community may raise any issues which concern them.

Each year the Council sets a “precept” on the Council Tax as a means of raising funds from the community for reinvestment in the community for communal benefit. The precept has been at £16080 since 2012/13 and will remain unchanged for 2016/17.

Elections are held every four years and all eligible residents can stand. The next election will be held in 2017. If a vacancy arises during the four year term the Council will advertise the vacancy and invite members of the community to apply to be co-opted to the Community Council Committee.