October Minutes 2015

Members were reminded of the service.
iv) MCC consultation on suggested changes to Conservation area within Mathern.
Members were advised that maps had been received.

Items of correspondence received too late to be placed on the agenda, for Minutes of the meeting of Mathern Community Council Held on 12th October 2015

Present:- Cllr C Ovenden – Chairman
Cllr D Merrett
Cllr C Oakes
Cllr F Sainsbury
Cllr J Harris
Cllr C Morton
County Councillor G Down
In Attendance:- Lucy Allen (Clerk in the absence of Mrs Jane Kelley)
Public Members:- 1

(i) Public Comment
A resident raised further concerns regarding the Border Waste site and was advised of the response received from the Head of Monmouthshire County Council Planning Department that had been circulated to members prior to the meeting which advises as follows:-
• Head of Monmouthshire County Council Planning and relevant officers visited the site on Friday 2nd October together with a representative from Natural Resources Wales and representatives from the Welsh Government Highways Division. The owner was not present (apparently on holiday). There was no activity on site at that time (lots of inactive plant and machinery) but the person on site claimed not to be aware of the Enforcement Notice. The requirements were explained to him.
• MCC aim to determine the planning application within the next two weeks (as soon as possible within that period). There is a holding objection from the Welsh Government that prevents MCC from approving it until such a time as their concerns about the M48 are resolved, so even if all other matters were acceptable (which they are not) MCC could not approve it anyway.
• MCC are preparing the prosecution witness statement for non-compliance with the Enforcement Notice.
• MCC have sent a letter to the owner advising that if works have not ceased within 7 days we will be applying to the Courts for an injunction.
• Ashley from Natural Resources Wales has advised MCC that NRW has withdrawn licence exemption.
Members have requested that that a process report is kept and chased where necessary.

(ii) Visit by Community Police
There was no attendance from the Community Police however there has been no relevant crime in Mathern, Pwllmeyric or Mounton areas since the last meeting.

(iii) Apologies
Apologies were received from Councillors Bailey, Harris and McHugh

(iv) Declarations of Interest
Cllr C Oakes declared an interest under the Code of Conduct in item 53/15 Planning Applications – New Submissions DC/2015/01085 Tullyvin, 4 Pwllmeyric Close, Pwllmeyric and took no part in discussion of this item.
(v) Minutes of previous meeting
The minutes of the meeting held on Monday 14th September 2015 were accepted and signed as a true record of the meeting subject to the following amendment:-

Item 40/15 Progress report on items from last meeting (iv) Date for Coffee Morning October 2015
Amend Debbie Blackbury to read Debbie Blakeborough

(v) Minutes of previous meeting – Matters Arising
Item 40/15 Progress Report on Items from Last Meeting (iv) Date for Coffee Morning October 2015 – A Member questioned whether representatives from all political parties should be invited to the village coffee morning.
Item 40/15 Progress Report on Items from Last Meeting (vii) Response St Tewdrics Church re noticeboard – The meeting was advised that the noticeboard will be moved and refurbished.
Item 40/15 Progress Report on Items from Last Meeting (viii) Feedback from village – Local Planning issues raised at Mathern Fete – Members wished to express their thanks to David ??? for the work carried out in producing the reports for the wind turbine planning application.

County Councillor Down reported on the following issues:-
1) Monmouthshire County Council have received a Compliance Notice regarding the production of documentation bilingually and it is anticipated that Community Councils are likely to receive similar – this is under the Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011.
2) Monmouthshire County Council Draft Budget Proposals 2016/2017 – MCC projects an increase in Council Tax of 4.95 per cent, lowering the budget gap for 2016/17 from £6.3 million to £1.7 million with suggested rationalisation in the following areas:- tourism and leisure, business support teams, training, different ways of dealing with IT, community asset transfers of community buildings, more strategic ways of allocating S106 monies, imposing a charge for legal services to other bodies, restructuring of commercial waste disposal, increase in planning fees, senior management team restructure, grants to 3rd sector bodies, revenue generation from advertisements and car parks, wildflower planting rather than bedding plants, removal of Chepstow cemetery Sexton, reduction of highways budget, streamline working hours, business rate evaluation, office accommodation consideration, changes to additional learning needs provision, increase of non-statutory fees and charges by 10% and collaboration with Town and Community Councils to streamline specific services such as street sweeping and grass cutting.
3) Advertising – Various advertisement board are appearing within the County and it is an initiative by MCC to generate income for the ongoing maintenance of highways and verges. A member raised concerns regarding the placement and number of boards being erected as they are potentially dangerous due to the size of the writing. The meeting was advised that due to the number of complaints received that the scheme has been suspended until the issues are resolved and that at present there is no consultation with Community Councils as to where they will be located unless planning is required.

(i) Pavement next to Texaco Garage – dangerous for pedestrians.
Members were advised that this is a budget issue and will be carried out when funds allow
(ii) Access to Yacht Club
No response to date
(iii) Work to War Memorial
Sixteen golden chrysanthemums have been planted and costs will follow for the replacement of the timber edging with decking boards. Next spring the timber fence will be painted and the railings sanded down and repainted.
(iv) Pwllmeyric Bench and Noticeboard
The replacement bench has arrived and needs to be installed and the noticeboard will arrive in the next 4-5 weeks.

A member advised that the Willow Tree at the entrance to Mathern Village had been cut but debris was still there. A suggestion was made that the tree be pollarded and County Councillor Down agreed to take the matter forward with the County Council.

a. OVW – none
b. GAVO Best Kept Village Results – comment sheets had yet to be received but had been chased and the suggestion of an entry fee rather than a donation will be considered for the 2016 competition.
c. Risk Assessment findings / actions – no report available
d. Governors Meeting The Dell Primary School – AGM is on Tuesday, 13th October 2015 and will be reported to the next meeting of Mathern Community Council

a. New submissions
DC/2015/00308 – Mounton House Park
Proposed landscaping alterations. Additional to approved DC/2013/00112
Awaiting site visit

DC/2015/00691 – 12 Mounton House Park
Wooden panel fence / gates
Awaiting site visit

DC/2015/01085 – Tullyvin, 4 Pwllmeyric Close, Pwllmeyric
Proposed balcony to south elevation
OBSERVATIONS:- Mathern Community Council recommends approval

b. Decisions and appeals

c. Enforcement

54/15 FINANCIAL MATTERS:- Payments / Receipts for September
The payments and receipts for the month of September 2015 was agreed.

Payee Reference Amount
J Kelley 101537 £343.32
PAYE 101538 £85.80
M Trading 101539 £50.14
C Wheeler 101540 £103.98
John Reece 101541 £192.00

i) Coffee Morning Saturday 17th October 2015 – 10.15am start
Members were reminded that items for discussion are the proposed siting’s of dog waste bins and the possibility on a community defibrillator.
ii) Results of Wales in Bloom
Mathern, Mounton and Pwllmeyric received the Silver Gilt 1st in the “Class 7 – Villages” section of the Wales in Bloom competition 2015.
iii) Remembrance Day Service – November 8th at the War Memorial 10.15am
Members information:-
v) Remembrance Service – Members are invited to the Remembrance Services at 6pm on 8th |November at St Tewdic’s Church
vi) Correspondence from Nick Ramsay – item to be reported at the next meeting of the Community Council.

i) Christmas Lunch Date and Venue
RESOLVED:- To host the Christmas Lunch on Sunday 6th December 2015 at the Millers Arms
ii) The Chairman thanked Mrs Lucy Allen for clerking the meeting in the absence of Mrs Jane Kelley.

The next meeting of Mathern Community Council to be on Monday, 9th November 2015 at 7pm.

This completed the business of the meeting at 8.20pm


September 2015


Cllr C Ovenden – Chairman
Cllr D Harris
Cllr D Merrett
Cllr C Oakes
Cllr N Bailey
Cllr F Sainsbury
Cllr J Harris
County Councillor G Down

Public Members 10
Police 1

(i) Public comment

Residents from Crick attended the meeting to express their frustration
regarding the Border Waste site adjacent to their homes. An Enforcement Notice
has now been served on the company and no appeal against this has been made
within the statutory time period .Instead, Border Waste has now submitted a Planning
application. This is for a Waste Transfer Station intended to handle the screening,
sorting, crushing and grading of stone material brought on to the site.
The product of these processes will then be sold on.The applicant has until the end
of September to re-instate the land as per the Enforcement Notice. If this is not carried out,
Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) had intended to proceed to prosecution.
However, now that a Planning Application is in place, this could act in the applicant’s favour
in Court. Residents remain very concerned, especially in respect of
what material the applicant might use to fill the existing excavations
in the course of reinstating the land to its former agricultural status. The use of incorrect
materials could lead to further problems of flooding and land slides in years to come.

A Border Waste web-site was shown to Councillors. This advertised itself as
“Chepstow Aggregate”.

(ii) Visit Community Police
11/8/15 – Report of the attempted theft of a bunch of dried flowers by a family of four persons
at Chepstow Garden Centre .
16/8/15 – Report of the theft of a brass candlestick and a brass candle snuffer from
St Pierre Church .
18/8/15 – Report of the attempted theft of a Yankee candle by a male at Chepstow
Garden Centre .
27/8/15 – Report of the theft of a Honda CBF 125CC motorcycle from outside the
Millers Arms pub .
10/9/15 – Two reports of the theft of Koi Carp from separate ponds at properties in
Mathern Village .

(iii) Apologies

Apologies were received from Councillors C Morton and M McHugh

(iv) Declarations of interest
There were none

(v) Minutes of previous meetings
The minutes of the meeting held on 13th July 2015 and extraordinary meeting
17th August 2015 had been circulated with the agenda, together with notes from
the Multi-Agency meeting held on 24th August to discuss the problems caused by
Border Waste.All minutes were agreed as true and accurate.

County Councillor Down reported that Superfast Broadband should be available
throughout Monmouthshire within the next 18 months. This will hopefully rectify
the problem of low internet speed in Mounton and Pwllmeyric.

(i) Mathern Bus Shelter
Richard Cope from M C C will take this matter forward.
(ii) Pavement next to Texaco Garage – dangerous for pedestrians.
County Councillor Down is arranging a meeting with Steve Lane, from MCC Highways.
(iii) Noticeboard Pwllmeyric
Clerk to order new noticeboard for Pwllmeyric – without posts. Final cost £1247.91

(iv) Date for Coffee Morning October 2015
Date agreed for Saturday 17th October at 10.30
Items to discussed:
• position of dog fouling bins – centre Mathern/
end of village and Pwllmeyric.
• Possible purchase of a defibrillator
to be located in Mathern.
• Volunteer Speed Watch.
Debbie Blakeborough, local Independent party candidate at next Welsh Assembly election,
to be invited.

(v) (v) Access to Yacht Club .
M C C looking into this. No report available.
(vi) Willow tree – entrance to Mathern
Trees attended to.

(vii) Response St Tewdrics Church re. noticeboard
Due to cost, St Tewdrics Church will not require a new noticeboard.

(viii) Feedback from village – Local Planning issues raised at Mathern Fete

The main view of members of the public who visited County Cllr. Down’s
display a the Fete was that the wind turbines would not be welcomed
in the village.However only two residents wrote comments to this effect.
Residents were made aware that it was important for individuals to make
personal representation to M C C Planning Dept. if they were not in
favour of the proposal.Regarding the Willis Farm solar farm possible
Planning Application, the majority were against the proposal mainly for its
visual impact on the surrounding area.

The Conservation Area boundary in Mathern village is to change. It is proposed
that St. Tewdrics Place, the Village Hall and Parklands are now to be
placed outside the Conservation Area.

A number of residents have shown an interest in becoming members
of a Volunteer Speedwatch group. It is hoped that this matter can be
included for discussion at the Coffee Morning in October if a Police
representative is available.

The following issues were discussed and referred to MCC:

• Pot holes Mounton village – opposite Monks Rest and on road out of Mounton
via church to Trelenny.

a) One Voice Wales – No report available
Apologies sent to O V W for its AGM
b) GAVO (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations). Best Kept Village competition.
Presentation night has been arranged for Friday 25th September at 6pm
Councillor Jayne Harris and Robin Lewis to represent Mathern and
Greg Howell and his wife to be asked to represent Pwllmeyric and Mounton
Mr Wheeler and Mrs J Lewis also to be invited.

c) Risk Assessments findings/actions – Mathern

Three quotes were requested. Only one received – for £275.00 to carry out all works
listed in July minutes. It was proposed that a new bench be purchased for
Pwllmeyric as the present one requires considerable refurbishment and it does
not seem cost effective to carry this out. Above quote agreed and new bench
to be ordered for Pwllmeyric. Total cost of bench – £351.91

d) Governors’ Meetings, Dell School
No meeting during summer months.

(1) New submissions
DC/2015/00308 – Mounton House Park – Proposed landscaping alterations
Additional to approved DC/2013/00112 – Awaiting Site Visit to be arranged

DC/2015/00691 – 12 Mounton House Park – Wooden panel Fence/Gates
Awaiting Site visit to be arranged

DC/2015/00790 Wind turbine with associated works – Palace Farm.
Mathern Community Council response document in respect of the planning application for a
single wind turbine at Mathern Palace Farm, Mathern. Application Number DC/2015/00790

Document date 17th September 2015
We note below observations and views on the various documents issued as part of the Planning
Application for a single turbine at Mathern Palace farm, application number DC/2015/00790.

Drawing 371516 – Amended 21/7/15:-
This drawing is incorrect for the following reasons.
1. The amenity field to the rear of Mathern Palace is not owned by the applicant as indicated.
It is owned by the owners of the Mathern Palace.
2. The small field running from St Tewdrics Well to the Welsh Water pump station is not owned
by the applicant as indicated. It is owned by Mr L. Arnold.
3. New connecting electrical cables are indicated to run through both the parcels of land indicated
on items 1 and 2 above. Neither land owner has given consent for this.
4. Where the new electrical supply is indicated to connect into the main electricity grid there is no
electrical service. Clearly the wrong location has been marked on the plan and assessed.
Drawing 317518 – Amended 21/7/15:-
1. No elevational details are provided for the proposed electrical HV building. No details of external
materials indicated.
Habitat Survey dated May 2013:-
1. This survey is dated May 2013. Is it therefore still valid?
2. Item 8 refers to Mathern Palace pond which is significantly larger than that indicated on the drawings
and in the report (5m x 5m noted). Is the conclusion regarding impact presented therefore valid?
3. The sub-station and hardstanding are indicated in a different location to that shown on amended
drawing 371516. They are indicated on the site of the existing Welsh Water pump station i.e.
In a different field.
4. Page 8 confirms that the turbine will have an inevitable impact on wild fowl and birds in the adjacent SSSI.
5. On page 10 under heading ‘Flora’, the report notes that there will be ‘little impact on the existing hedges
as the route of the cable takes advantage of existing gaps’. The route indicated on the drawings is incorrect
and passes through land not in the applicants’ ownership and connects at a location where there is no electrical supplies.
6. On pages 10 and 11 under the title ‘Bats’, the report recommends the turbine should be located 50m from any
existing hedges which it is not. The report also requires (if it can’t be relocated to provide a 50m space)
that bat surveys are required. These surveys have been carried out and demonstrate that birds and bats are prevalen
t within the area of the proposed turbine.
7. The report is based upon a single visit at a point of time in the year and does not cover night time habitats.
8. The Habitat Report would appear to be inconclusive and has technical inaccuracies regarding the site area and cable routes.
Ornithology and Bat – Report 369855
1. This report notes the presence of both common and high risk species of bat in the immediate vicinity of the
proposed turbine, particularly foraging and commuting along the adjacent track.
2. Accepting that there will be an impact on bat habitat, foraging and commuting, mitigation measures are proposed consisting of:
a). Curtailment of the turbine movement from 15 minutes before sunset to 2 hours after sunset.
b). Curtailment of the turbine movement from 1.5 hours prior to sunrise and 15 minutes after sunrise.
It is noted that this mitigation should reduce the collision risk by 85 – 95%. This still leaves a 15 – 5% risk of impact which is in contravention of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.
The mitigation does not define how the turbine will be controlled to achieve the above parameters but it is noted that the manufacturer does not warrant the Bat Detection Box system which is proposed. It must therefore be questioned how this mitigation will be delivered and warranted in operation.
It is noted that under mitigation no crops will be grow in a 50m radius of the turbine for a period of two years. It is also noted that bat activity will be monitored over a two year period and that if necessary curtailment of the turbine operation may be extended. It also implies that if bat activity is seen to have reduced then the operating period may be extended. If the latter is the case there is clearly a breach of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. Foraging and commuting routes being ‘material considerations’ in Planning (NPPF and TAN 5).
3. Natural England (2012) states that turbines should be situated at least 50m from a linear feature suitable for commuting / foraging bats. The report accepts that the turbine is not located the 50m from the existing hedgerow as recommended.
Bat Detection Box – Report 369856
1. It is noted that the manufacturer does not warrant this equipment in any way (detectors or the detector box). On that basis this control system cannot be relied upon.
2. What evidence is available to prove that the use of this equipment does not have a long term impact on the bat population?
Noise Assessment – Report 369812
1. The Report notes in its introduction that it is based upon the E-48 turbine however the Planning Application is for an E-53 turbine. The E-48 dimension is 63m to hub but the proposed is 60m. The blades on the E-48 are 48m diameter whereas the blades on the proposed E-53 are 53m diameter. In short the proposed hub is 3m lower and the blade 5m longer than the model which has been profiled. The report is therefore not valid as it is based upon the incorrect turbine.
Even on the basis of the incorrect turbine the results at Pill Cottage and Mathern Palace are above the recommended level of 35dB (37.5dB and 37dB respectively). Palace farm Cottage is also on the limit of 45dB. The results are being justified on the basis of the base background noise but that is not consistent and spikes whereas the noise emitted from the turbine will be constant.
Design and Access Statement and Traffic Management Plan – Report 369805
1. Under item 2 the document acknowledges that the proposed siting of the turbine is within a rural setting. The aerial photograph contained in the report also demonstrates the proximity to Newhouse Farm Distribution Estate. Careful delineation of Newhouse Farm Distribution Estate was agreed with the Planning Authority to ensure the development did not encroach further west compromising the amenity of the Mathern village environment and its conservation area. A large bund was positioned to delineate the end of the estate and visually shield it from the village. The proposed siting of the turbine would compromise this position and would visually spread the urban environment into the agricultural and amenity land.
2. Under item 4 under ‘Design Proposals’, the report states ‘it is felt that the proposed 60m turbine would not be out of place in the location shown’. The turbine proposed in the Planning Application is 86.45m tall.
Rights of Way DC Observations – Document 373996
1. It is noted that the Monmouthshire County Council Wayleave Officer has tabled his objection to the proposal due to the proximity of footpath 73.
CADW Letter 17/8/15 – Document 374251
1. It is noted that CADW object to the proposal due to its significant individual and cumulative impact on heritage assets. On this basis we have not made any specific comment in respect of the Cultural Heritage Assessment Report number 3245 but concur with the CADW’ position.
Shadow Flicker Assessment – Report 369818
1. It is noted that Pill Cottage will be adversely affected by the presence of the turbine but within accepted limits (17 hours per year affected, recommended maximum of 30 hours per year). The 17 hours a year disruption still represents a significant impact on this property.
2. It is noted that Palace Farm Cottage will be affected 130 hours a year, well over the maximum recommended.

Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments – Reports 369820, 369821, 369822, 369823, 369828, 369829, 369830, 369831, 369832, 369833, 369834,369835, 369836, 369839, 369842, 369843, 369844, 369845, 369848, 369849, 369850, 369851, 369852 and 369853
These reports are very wordy and definitive in terms of their points of reference and clearly accept the significant impact the turbine would have on the existing landscape and visual environment.
These effects are somewhat understated in the conclusions of the reports however as demonstrated in the below table abstracted from the report and noted below (page 58). The Cottage is located 120m away from the 63m turbine which creates 45Db noise level and is in continuous motion. The predicted impact is clearly understated as the impact will be significant and dominant as indeed it will be from Mathern Palace, The Vicarage, Mathern Lodge etc. The latter group of properties being grade one and two listed. It is noted that Moynes Court (Grade 2 listed) has not been identified in these reports but clearly has a straight line of sight to the proposed turbine.

Name Distance (m) Description of predicted visual effects
The Cottage 120 This detached, two storey property is situated within agricultural land, between Mathern to the north and the proposed turbine to the south. Potential for oblique, short distance views and open views from garden areas. The proximity of the dwelling to the high voltage support pylons slightly reduces the susceptibility of this receptor.
Mathern Palace, The Vicarage, The Chantry, Mathern Lodge, Little Innage Barns. From 400 A cluster of single and multi-storey properties. Domestic planting will offer some filtering, while north-facing aspects will not see the turbine. Views southwards will be open, in which the proposed turbine will form a prominent feature. However, it will be seen in the context of the high voltage support pylons which slightly reduces the susceptibility of these receptors.

The visual impact of the turbine in a rural environment is clearly significant and out of context. The turbine represents an urban feature in a rural environment. The national Grid pylons running to the south of the railway clearly have an adverse visual impact on the area but are further away from habitable buildings and historic assets and are fixed and not active features. As the pylons are further set back their height is not as visually impacting as the proposed turbine.

DC/2015/01013 – To utilise the area of land currently used for the processing of on site material to a
waste transfer station. This station will handle the screening, sorting, crushing and grading of material
brought on to the site. The product of these processes will be sold on.
Objection as notes below:
Mathern Community Council response document in respect of the planning application for a Waste Transfer Station at Crick by Border Waste Management. Application Number DC/2015/01013

Document date 23rd September 2015
We note below our observations and views on the various documents issued as part of the Planning Application for a Waste Transfer Station at Crick, application number DC/2015/01013.

Application Form

Section 3. Current land use is noted as processing of on site material. This is not the permitted land use which is agricultural. The current operation is subject to an Enforcement Notice which has been issued by Monmouthshire County Council due the adverse impact of the un-permitted operation on the local environment and amenity of the local community.

Section 19. The operating times for the proposed facility are 08.00 to 17.00 Monday to Friday and 08.00 to 12.00 Saturday and Sunday. No work on Bank Holidays. It notes these times as ‘material processing’ hours not opening hours which the form asks for. It can therefore only be assumed that the site will be open and accepting lorries outside of these times.

Section 21. It is noted that surface water from the site would be disposed of by soak away. Currently the operator lets the water run-off and discharge on the adjacent motorway land or the main highway. The latter causing danger to motorists and adversely affecting the visual appearance of the village. Road sweepers are occasionally employed to manage this problem rather than treating the problem at source, as demonstrated in the photograph below.

Section 22. The existing use of the site is noted as ‘screening, sorting, crushing and grading of material currently present on site’. This is not the permitted land use which is agricultural and is what the application should be judged upon.

Section 24. The proposed land use is in line with the current unauthorised activity on this site for which an Enforcement Notice has been issued with the difference that the number of lorries accessing and egressing the site will be significantly greater. Based on the 75,000 tonnes it is proposed to process per year, it would equate to 20 fully loaded lorries leaving the site per day and at least 20 lorries bringing material into site per day. This will have an even greater impact on the local community and environment than the current activity.

Section 27. It is noted that the Agricultural Holding Certificate has been signed confirming ‘ none of the land is an agricultural holding’. Is this correct as the land is agricultural.

Design and Access Statement

Layout of Site.
The proposal notes that stockpiling of material on site is proposed. Current stockpiling activities are of concern due to their scale and stability. This in part is a factor in the issuing of the Enforcement Notice.

Scale and Appearance.
The report notes at present there are no structures on site and none proposed. The proposal however includes the provision of a site office and presumably welfare facilities.
The report is incorrect as it states the closest group of houses is 120m away. The nearest house is less than 40m away and will be significantly impacted. There will be no shielding possible from this distance as demonstrated by the photographs below. These photographs demonstrated the impact of the current unauthorised operations on site.

The report notes that the access road and tracks will be kept clean ‘where possible’. The road and tracks are finished in hardcore and cannot be brushed hence material will continue to be washed onto the A48 and onto adjacent properties. Again this has been a contributory factor in the issue of the Enforcement Notice.

Community Safety.
The nearest property is noted as the farm which is incorrect. There are a number of residential properties in closer proximity that the farm.
Noise levels are noted as being ‘moderate for a site of this nature’ but these levels have and still cause significant disturbance to neighbours of the site. Landscape screening will not reduce the noise of heavy plant operating in close proximity as has been demonstrated. The application should be judged on the basis that the site is authorised as agricultural land.

Drawings Submitted.
It would be interesting to note the profiles defined and agreed in the original planning granted for this site to level it for agricultural purposes. The site is now plateaued with hollows and is completely unusable for agricultural purposes at present as it has had the topsoil removed also. The new survey and proposals ignore the fact that the site profile has been changed without consent.

The proposed operation will impact significantly on the local community and neighbours to this site as has been demonstrated by the unauthorised operation of this site and issue of an Enforcement Notice. The operators of this site do not respect the amenity of their neighbours or the local community and in the Planning Application have understated the proximity and impact on these parties. The operator of this site has demonstrated that if given consent they will not conform to any conditions of that consent whether they are stated in their application or imposed upon them. The operator of this site has shown no respect to the rights of those impacted by their actions and continue to do so.
The recommendation of Mathern Community Council is rejection of this application.

DC/2015/01065 – Rhewl Farm
Unable to give comment as documents received unclear. No numbers included so unable to make a decision on details given –
Drawing gives insufficient details. Please provide detailed drawings outlining changes to original Plans.
(ii) Decisions and appeals – None

(iii) Enforcement – Border Waste site, Crick


M J Trading 101520 30.86
J Kelley (work from home fee) 101521 150.00
3 months internet 101522 60.93
Quarterly Phone Bill 101523 42.94
Distribute leaflets 101524 40.00
Village Hall Rent half yearly 101525 71.25
Salary 101526 486.32
PAYE 101527 121.60
Mazars (external Audit) 101528 246.00
Greenbarnes Ltd (noticeboard/bench Pwlmeyric) 101529
Grass Cutting Mounton Roundabout 101530 100.00
Donation Street Pastors 101531 100.00
1st Mathern Brownies 101532 100.00
1st Shirenewton Guides 101533 100.00
Citizens Advice 101534 100.00
Mathern Fete Account 101535 200.00
Production of Village Directory 101536 30.00

External Audit of accounts completed with no matters of concern.

Spending -to -budget figures attached and reviewed by Councillors.
On target grants agreed at this meeting (see above). Street furniture ordered.

A payment to Village Fete committee of £200 was agreed.


Correspondence and forthcoming meetings
Highways act 1980 sections 26 and 18 119 proposed public path orders No 72.
The proposal which is requested in the interests of the applicants. It would have the effect of
moving the path from its historically unavailable alignment on to that currently available
and used. Agreed.

Councillor D Harris has sent a email to Natural Resources Wales re the licences being issued to
Border Waste at Crick where no Planning Permission is held for the works carried out there.

Other Matters for Discussion

Mrs M Pitt is happy to produce a “What’s On” leaflet for the villages. Councillors agreed to
finance this and a payment of £30.00 was agreed.

Clerk to contact the Bugler who has previously played at the War Memorial for us, to see if he
is able to play at our Service of Remembrance at 10.15 a.m. November 7th 2015.

Councillors agreed that next year they would like to hire a Bouncy Castle for
Mathern Fete. This would then be covered by the company’s Liability Insurance.

Date of Next Meeting: 12th October 2015 at 7 pm in Village Hall.

Meeting ended at 9.00pm

Notes Meeting Multi Agency Border Waste Crick



APOLOGIES Michael Richardson – Environmental Officer, Councillors Bailey, Harris, McHugh, Oakes.
County Councillor Down chaired the Meeting
The purpose of the meeting was to investigate whether any group action could be taken to stop work currently taking place at the Border Waste site immediately.
Also to discuss any possible statutory changes which might make the enforcement/appeal process quicker.
An Enforcement Notice has already been served on Border Waste, which has until 1st September to appeal against this. As yet, no Appeal has been received by Monmouthshire County Council. Extraction is continuing and causing local residents great nuisance with noise and dust.
If an appeal is received, Border Waste can continue to work on site for a further 6 months.

Actions Agreed
MCC Head of Planning will check with CADW as the site is now encroaching on to a medieval tumulus.
He will also contact the MCC Legal Team re. the feasibility of getting an immediate STOP notice issued because of the impact of the work being carried out. This impact includes the possibility of a landslide on to the carriageway of the M48 motorway due to the height and instability of the pile of extracted rubble which is now beginning to encroach on to the motorway fence.

Highways –
Mr. Davies will check on the state of the A48 today. In future, Clerk to email any feedback re state of road to the Highways Dept. for them to investigate. If road cleaning is required , the cost will be passed on to the owners of the site.
A check that vehicles using the site have correct licences etc. will be made. Local residents will be asked to obtain relevant vehicle registration numbers.
A check will also be made on the licenses held by Border Waste which have been granted by National Resources for Wales.
To report back by Friday 4th September 2015
Motorway Agency
Mr. Chan to check with the Legal Team of the Welsh Government to find out if a letter can be issued to Border Waste ordering them to immediately remove all material from the M48 fence and make good any damage to it. Also to enquire whether M C C Planning have been instructed to take any action.
To report back by Friday 4th September 2015
PCO Jones advised residents to report silt on the A48 to the Police using telephone number 101 so that the complaint is logged. Also to report lorries causing an obstruction on this road in the same way.

Clerk to liaise with residents and ask them to keep records of nuisance being caused to them, including damage to property, noise and dust. If possible, to take lorry registration numbers and advise police and clerk of any silt on the A48 which could cause a danger to traffic.
On Going
Nick Ramsay
Mr. Ramsay advised that a new Planning Act is currently going through the Welsh Assembly Government. This has new provisions for retrospective planning and unauthorised development. He will pass on our concern re a possible landslide on the M48 as this could cause a fatality. He would speak to the Transport Directorate regarding this issue.

Community Councillors stated how strongly they felt that the work on the site should be stopped immediately.

Everyone was thanked for attending meeting ended at 11.15