March 2015


9th March 2015

Present: Cllr D Merrett – Chairman
Cllr C Ovenden
Cllr F Sainsbury
Cllr C Morton
Cllr C Oakes
Cllr N Bailey

In attendance: Clerk Jane Kelley
Andy Jones – Police

(i) Public comment

(ii) Police report

19/2/15 – Report of two males acting suspiciously at St Pierre Hotel. They were noticed by staff and left soon after. The index number of the vehicle was taken and the car was stopped and the males inside searched later that day in the West Mercia police area. The vehicle was confiscated as the driver was driving with no insurance.
2/3/15 – Report of two known male shoplifters in Pwllmeyric Garden Centre. They were noticed by staff who called us. No offences on this occasion.
Please continue to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity at the time by calling 101 or 999 if you deem it an emergency.

PACT meetings have been disbanded and from March a new scheme has been introduced called Your Voice. Questionnaires will be circulated to the public every 4 months and the main concerns highlighted from these will be investigated.
(iii) Apologies
Apologies were received from Councillors Harris and McHugh

(iv) Declarations of interest
There were none

(v) Minutes of previous meetings
The minutes of the meeting held on 9th February 2015 had been circulated with the agenda. They were agreed as true and accurate.
No report available

(i) Sewerage pipes, Mounton
County Councillor Down chasing

(ii) Signage for Mathern Athletic Club/Cyclist warning signs

County Councillor Down chasing

(iii) Banner for Mathern Village Fete.
Each banner will cost £43.80 Councillors agreed to donate four, printed with each date, to the Village Fete Committee. These to be paid for from the rent budget as, on review, funds which can be spent are available here.
Clerk to order these banners from Griffiths Signs in Rogerstone.

(iv) Barn Lane – scalpings

Councillor Merrett to contact MCC Highways to ask them to meet on site to discuss this matter further. The condition of the lane is now very poor.

(v) Winners plaque for the Pwllmeyric – Wales in Bloom

Councillor D Merrett to contact MCC Highways to investigate if their permission is required to fit a plaque on the “Pwllmeyric” signs at the entrance to the village.

(vi) Monmouthshire Housing re. clearing of garage area – Bailey’s Hay.
County Councillor Down chasing.

(vii) Feedback Lower Wye Area Committee.
There was none

The following issues were discussed:

• Mud on roads throughout Mathern
• Barn Lane condition – site meeting to be agreed
• Street lights on all day and night – top of Mounton Road
• Lighting – entrance to St Pierre Hotel/Golf Course
• Road configuration at entrance to St Pierre Hotel/Golf Course


(i) One Voice Wales
No meeting arranged – Annual Subscription Paid

(ii) GAVO
Clerk to chase application forms GAVO (Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisations).

(iii) Footpaths
No reported problems

(iv) Dell School Governors’ Meeting
Councillor Oakes has attended numerous compulsory training courses. A full Governors’ meeting is to be held on Tuesday 10th March.

(i) New submissions
DC/2015/00144 Telecommunications Notification – St Pierre Golf Course – Approved

(ii) Decisions and appeal

(iii) Enforcement
Councillor Harris has received communications from MCC Planning Enforcement and National Resources Wales who have issued two waste exemptions on the site without our knowledge. Councillors are very unhappy that no planning permission has been obtained and are now seeking County Councillor Down’s help with ensuring that planning is applied for.
Payments as listed in the agenda were approved.
101479 102.00 C M Maintenance
101480 47.11 3 Months phone
101481 457.75 J Kelley
101482 108.61 Paye
101483 40.62 2 Months internet
101484 82.50 Village Hall Rent
Financial summary of budget to spending was circulated with the Agenda.
Councillors were happy with this. Still to be paid are the works at St Tewdrics Well and the Village Fete banners. Councillors gave consideration to the installation of two dog waste bins, one at each end of Mathern village. This to be discussed at the Coffee Morning on the 28th March. Clerk to obtain quotes for the installation and emptying of these.

Coffee Morning: Saturday 28th March at 10.15 – 12.00 Mathern Village Hall

Clerk to also invite David Davies MP. Local police have been invited.

Brown Community Volunteer Bags renewal – 31.03.2015

Clerk has registered this and they will be delivered shortly.

Church Magazine to resume publication in April. Contributions would be appreciated to oldfield-rout@btinternet.com

Clerk to send the police report


A copy letter dated 15th February, has been received from a Caerwent resident in respect of artillery fire taking place before 5am on a Sunday morning. The comments of the email were discussed and Councillors felt that, as MoD’s response confirmed that the matter was being investigated and no further issues had been reported, no action was required.

Councillor Ovenden distributed a page from the Welsh Assembly Government White Paper local Government reform document. She asked Councillors to read this and let her have any comments before or at the next meeting so that she can respond on behalf of the Council. Clerk to forward the paper to Councillors who were unable to attend the meeting.

Clerk to distribute Risk Assessment forms to Councillors Ovenden, Harris and McHugh for Mounton, Mathern and Pwllmeyric as last year.

It was reported that a drainage ditch on St Pierre Golf Course was contaminated. Enviromental Health are aware of this

Monday, 13th April 2015. Meeting ended at 8.00

February 2015


9th February 2015

Present: Cllr D Merrett – Chairman
Cllr C Ovenden
Cllr F Sainsbury
Cllr C Morton
Cllr C Oakes
Cllr D Harris
Cllr J Harris

In attendance: Cllr G L Down
Clerk Jane Kelley
2 Members of the Public

(i) Public comment
Two members of the public had submitted a planning application and came to the meeting to explain these plans to the Community Council.

Councillors thanked them for their consideration in attending the meeting.
(ii) Police report


(iii) Apologies
Apologies were received from Councillors Bailey and McHugh

(iv) Declarations of interest
There were none

(v) Minutes of previous meetings
The minutes of the meeting held on 12th January 2015 had been circulated with the agenda. They were agreed as true and accurate (Proposed Cllr D Harris; seconded Cllr C Morton).


Welsh Government White Paper has now been produced. Consultation closes at 23.59 on 28th April 2015.
The White Paper seeks to set out the Welsh Government’s vision for local government in Wales and, crucially, give power to local people. It describes ambitions for:
• Activist councils engaged in delivering modern, accessible, high quality public services within their local communities.
• A more limited set of national priorities set for local government, with councils setting the bulk of local priorities with local people.
• More diverse membership of local authorities and cabinets.
• Reducing the cost of politics and management in local government.
• Councils committed to looking outwards at their place-shaping role, building community capacity and resilience.
• Councils open to new ways of delivering services based on Welsh traditions of cooperative and mutual services.
• Empowering local people to become more closely involved in decision taking.

More details can be found http;//wales.gov.uk/dsjlg/consultation/150203-power-to-local-people-response-en.docx:

(i) Sewerage pipes, Mounton

County Councillor Down has taken photographs of the affected area and forwarded these to Welsh Water and other statutory bodies.

(ii) Signage for Mathern Athletic Club/Cyclist warning signs

County Councillor Down is chasing these. Clerk to speak to MCC Highways regarding the cyclist signs as councillors are very concerned at the speed of cyclists using the lanes in Mounton and Barn Lane.

(iii) Banner for Mathern Village Fete.

Clerk to contact Griffiths Signs in Rogerstone for a quotation.

(iv) Barn Lane scalpings

Area still bad – Clerk to contact Highways regarding the blocked gully in the lane which is exacerbating this situation.

(v) Possible Invitation to Nick Ramsay – possible date for coffee morning

Coffee Morning to be either 21st March or 28th. Clerk to circulate when date confirmed.
(Coffee Morning since confirmed for 28th March 10.15am – 12.00 noon)

(vi) St Tewdric’s Well – quote for new pathway and remedial works

Quote of £500.00 from Stewart Hodges was accepted. Clerk to contact him to commence work.

(vii) Winners plaque for the Welcome to Mathern sign

Plaque now in place on Mathern Wall. Clerk to contact Martin McHugh to ask where to place the Pwllmeyric plaque. Mounton has no suitable site but Cllr. Ovenden felt that residents would not object to going without one.

(viii) Response from Passenger Transport manager re. school transport policy to change to mileage limits.

A letter has been received from Richard Cope, Passenger Transport Manager for M C C. He advised that no changes have yet been made and that the change in policy would go out for consultation during the next few months. One of the proposed changes is to move the statutory distances for free school buses from 1.5 miles to 2 miles for primary schools and from 2 to 3 miles for secondary schools. This would bring the authority in line with the current statutory distances in the Learner Travel Wales measure. Any changes would not come into effect until September 2016 at the earliest.

(ix) Monmouthshire Housing re. clearing of garage area – Bailey’s Hay.

County Councillor Down has written to the Chief Executive of Monmouthshire Housing, John Keegan, regarding the uncared for area by the garages. Awaiting response.

(x) What’s On leaflet – contents needed by Mrs Pitt before 14.02.2015.

Councillor Morton has written a résumé for the Magazine. Clerk to pass this on to Mrs Pitt together with the date for our Coffee Morning.

(xi) Wind Turbines Planning Application.

No application has been received. To be removed from future agenda’s.

The following issues were discussed:

• Broken street light – Parklands.
• Large stone wall at the top of Mounton Road collapsing
• Mathern salt bins – broken and need filling.
• Gully in Barn Lane needs jetting out

(i) One Voice Wales
Apologies sent.
(ii) GAVO
Article to be placed in What’s On leaflet.
(iii) Footpaths
No feedback re. footpath volunteer received.

(i) New submissions

DC/2014/01388 Planning permission: Treffgarne, Pwllmeyric – Extension and renovation to a 3 bed bungalow, providing more accommodation and upgrading the property to be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. – Approved

DC/2015/00082 Planning permission: proposed front entrance porch Barnetts Farm Mounton – Approved

(ii) Decisions and appeals
None notified

(iii) Enforcement
Enforcement matter at Crick: Clerk has spoken to Kate Young, Planning Officer at M C C, who has advised us that the County Council have requested a planning application to be made as it is obvious that works outside the current application are being carried out at this site.
Councillor Harris to telephone as Councillors wish a time limit to be placed on this application and also that the Environment Agency be notified of the current works here. Also no planning application has been made for the advertising banners currently in place. As the land adjoining the site has also been cleared, this needs to be checked with Planning Enforcement too.

Payments as listed in the agenda were approved.
101473 343.32 J Kelley – Salary
101474 85.80 PAYE
101475 26.79 Stamps/storage box
101476 17.69 M J Trading
101477 24.00 Stock It Ltd
101478 119.00 One Voice Wales


Meeting of Lower Wye Area Committee to be held Wednesday 11th February at 10 am at Chepstow Leisure Centre.


The following Notice has been received from the MCC Tree Officer:
“Please be aware that the Council has received a written notice of intent from the resident of Eastwood Lodge, Mathern Road, Mathern NP16 6HY stating his intention to remove 12 small to medium sized Ash and Sycamore trees from the garden of the property.
On receipt of a notice, the Council has six weeks to decide whether or not to place a tree preservation order.
I have visited the site and decided to allow the work for the following reasons:
• Many of the trees are of poor form and some are diseased.
• The presence of many other trees in the garden and adjacent woodland will ensure that there will be no detrimental effect on the local landscape.”
Councillors were happy for this work to be carried out.

Willow Trees on the Main road into Mathern have now been pollarded.

Church Magazine to resume in April. Contributions would be appreciated to oldfield-tout@btinternet.com.
Monday, 9 March 2015.

January Minutes 2015



Present: Cllr C Ovenden – chairman
Cllr F Sainsbury
Cllr C Morton
Cllr C Oakes
Cllr D Harris
Cllr J Harris

In attendance: PCSO S Parker
Cllr G L Down

In the absence of the Clerk, County Cllr Down took minutes of the meeting.

(i) Public comment

(ii) Police report
The Police report covered the period 10 November 2014 to 11 January 2015. Incidents reported were:
13/11 – An accident between a vehicle and a moped occurred on the A48 at the brow of the hill, as the moped went into the back of the vehicle. The Police and an ambulance attended. No life threatening or life changing injuries occurred.
19/11 – A sound level monitor was stolen from a plot of land in Mathern. The meter was left unattended, but secured to a fence by a chain. The chain was cut and left in situ. There was no CCTV or witnesses to the incident.
22/11 – A drive-off worth £31.53 of fuel was stolen from Petrol Express, Pwllmeyric. CCTV was obtained.
24/11 – School youths were throwing stones at passing vehicles from the top of a bus stop in Pwllmeyric. The youths ran away but were by the head teacher and dealt with by the School Liaison Officer.
06/12 – A male was disturbed breaking into a shed at a property in Pwllmeyric. The male was caught and detained by the Police.
09/12 – At 0740hrs in Mounton, a suspicious male in a dark Volvo estate pulled up and was taking photographs. The caller approached him to ask what he was doing, and he replied “taking pictures” before heading off. No index number was taken by the caller so we were unable to trace the vehicle.
09/12 – An accident between a motor vehicle and a motorcycle occurred on the A48. The motorcyclist was knocked off their bike. Details were exchanged. No complaints and no offences committed.
10/12 – A suspicious vehicle was seen driving down the lane beside the Church in Mathern, towards the water pumping station. Police attended but there was no vehicle seen. The index number obtained by the caller was incorrect, so we were not able to trace the driver.
10/12 – A youth from a local school attended at a property in Mathern. Police attended and returned the boy to school.
20/12 – An alarm was activated at a farm in Pwllmeyric. Police attended to find that it was a false alarm.
30/12 – At a property in Mathern (approx 1600hrs) 3 males approached the caller at his home via his back door, to enquire about rabbiting in the area. No vehicles, dogs or other equipment were apparent. Intelligence was submitted.

Members received the report and raised further issues:

• A member reported that there was evidence that someone had been sleeping rough in a shed in Pwllmeyric. The incident was not reported. It was requested that similar incidents be reported for intelligence purposes.
• There were reports of youngsters parking at Moynes Court driveway and leaving litter. They had been approached by residents. Members of the public were cautioned to be careful for their own safety, and to take index numbers and report incidents to the Police.
• Police were requested to monitor vehicles leaving the re-opened New Inn because of the dangerous junction with the A48.

Members noted that, in future, the Police would be attending only alternate meetings of the Council.

(iii) Apologies
Apologies were received from Cllrs Merrett , McHugh and Bailey

(iv) Declarations of interest
There were none

(v) Minutes of previous meetings
The minutes of the meeting held on 9 November 2014 had been circulated with the agenda. They were agreed as true and accurate (Proposed Cllr D Harris; seconded Cllr C Morton).

The minutes of the finance meeting held on 1 December 2014 were agreed as true and accurate,. Subject to noting Cllr Merrett as having chaired the meeting (Proposed Cllr D Harris; seconded Cllr C Morton).

Cllr Down presented his report. He explained that there had been a number of public meetings to explain the County Council’s budget proposals. He explained that the ruling administration proposed to increase council tax for 2015/16 by 4.95% over the previous year. Amongst the proposed savings were to cease supplying grey refuse bags. Households would still be limited to two bags per fortnight, but would be expected to supply their own bags. The weekly nappy/hygiene collection would be stopped. A key issue of interest to the community would be to increase the distance from home to school for free transport purposes (to 2 miles for primary pupils; 3 miles for secondary pupils). Members discussed this proposal and resolved that, if implemented the Council should write to the County Council and point out that, because of the A48 and A466, there is no safe walking route from the community to either The Dell or Chepstow Comprehensive.

Members asked about progress with the proposed reorganisation of local government, and were advised that there has been none.

(i) Sewerage pipes, Mounton
There has been no progress in dealing with this matter. It was reported that there had been a recurrence of raw sewage being discharged. Cllr Down agreed to report the matter to Natural Resources Wales.

(ii) Signage for Mathern Athletic Club
Cllr Down reported that he had again taken this matter up with Highways. He asked Members to clarify their request for cyclist warning signs and was advised that there was a concern about the downhill speed of some cyclists.

(iii) Street lighting under motorway bridge
This matter had now been resolved.

(iv) Leaves at garages, rear of St Tewdric’s Place
Monmouthshire Housing Association denied responsibility for clearing leaves on the site. Cllr Down agreed to contact the Chief Executive of MHA about the issue. It was reported that a quote had been received from the County Council for undertaking clearance of leaves twice at £121.80 per time.

(v) “What’s On” leaflets
No progress

(vi) Banner for Mathern Fete
The dimensions of the proposed banner are to be advised to Cllr Sainsbury

(vii) Drains/road sweeper, Mounton
It was reported that the roads had been swept and that the drains would be cleared on the next run.

(viii) St Tewdric’s Well – quote for new pathway and remedial works
A quote would be forthcoming shortly, and provided to the Clerk.

(ix) Winners plaque for the Welcome to Mathern sign
In the absence of Cllr Merrett, it was agreed to defer this matter to the next meeting.

(x) Rhewl solar farm application
Cllr Down reported that the application had been refused by the Planning Committee. He reminded Members that the applicants had a right of appeal although he was not aware of any such appeal having been made.

(xi) Scalpings in Barn Lane
It was reported that the condition of the Lane remained poor, and that the drain above the Athletic Club was blocked. It was believed that flooding under the motorway bridge was attributable to water flowing down the Lane. Cllr Down agreed to investigate and take up the issue with Highways.

(xii) Planning application for a wind turbine at Mathern Palace Farm
No application has yet been made.

The following issues were discussed:

• The provision of a village entry sign for Pwllmeyric in Chapel Lane was noted. Some concern was expressed at the height of the sign.
• The blocked drain in Barn Lane.
• A Member asked whether anything could be done in terms of maintenance of the willow trees at the approach to Mathern.

(i) One Voice Wales
A meeting was due to be held in the near future and Cllr Sainsbury would attend.

(ii) GAVO
It was reported that GAVO have advised that they would consider rotating the dates for judging. It was agreed that they should be reminded closer to the time of the 2015 judging.

(iii) Footpaths
There had been no response to requests for a new footpaths volunteer.

(iv) The Dell School Governors
Cllr Oakes had been appointed to the Governing Body as the minor authorities’ representative. She reported that she had attended her first meeting and that the proposed new admissions criteria was amongst the issues discussed. Cllr Oakes was requested to provide a list of the dates of future meetings and to report back to the Council.

(i) New submissions
• DC/2014/01444 – Non Material Amendment in relation to planning permission DC/2014/00877: It was agreed that the Council has no objection to the amendment as far as it goes, but remain of the view that the development as a whole is out of keeping and recommends that the dry stone wall should be extended into Chapel Close.
• DC/2014/01515 – Modification or removal of condition – the variation of condition 1 is sought to extend the time period within which can commence by a further 5 years DC/2010/00230, Stable Block, Wyelands Estate: It was agreed that the Council has no objection to this application.
• DC/2014/01498 – Planning permission to install a pipework array within paddock to serve ground source heat pump within adjacent dwelling, Land adjacent to the Old Gym, Mounton House: It was agreed that the Council has no objection to this application.

(ii) Decisions and appeals
None notified

(iii) Enforcement
A Member raised a question about the banners which had appeared at the entrance to Wyelands Estate advertising the property as a wedding venue. County Cllr Down agreed to query this with the Planning Department.

Concern was raised about developments at Crick. There had been no further response from the Planning Department and yet it appeared that the land was being reshaped. There had been no planning application for the signage.

It was reported and noted that a further instalment of the annual precept, amounting to £5,360, had been received.

Payments as listed in the agenda were approved.

It was noted that the Clerk was entitled to a pay increase as set by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services. The Clerk is currently on spinal point 26. A non-consolidated payment to employees had also been agreed and a payment of £100 had been made to the Clerk.

Confirmation had been received from Monmouthshire County Council that the Community Council precept for 2015/16 had been set at £16,080.

It was agreed that a coffee morning, to which Nick Ramsay AM could be invited, should be placed on the agenda for the next meeting for discussion.

Members wished to record their thanks to the clerk for organising the Christmas Lunch.

Monday, 9 February 2015.

November 2014 Minutes

Meeting Monday 9th November 2014

Councillors Dave Merrett
Carolyn Ovenden
Frank Sainsbury – Left the meeting at 8.15
Christine Morton
Martin McHugh
Carole Oakes
David Harris

County Councillor Down – left the meeting at 7.45
Clerk Mrs Jane Kelley

Public- Two

51/14 (i) Public Comment

Two members of the public gave a presentation on a Planning application they will shortly be making to Monmouth County Council. This is for a single wind turbine to be sited at Mathern Palace Farm. The application is expected to be placed with MCC in 4 weeks time. By then, the applicants hope that various surveys required by Planners will have been completed.

The Community Council was told that, if the application is successful, the applicants will donate £10,000.00 per year for the next 20 years to the local community for its benefit.

A temporary road structure would need to be built across fields below the motorway bridge. This would carry the wind turbine and building equipment on to the site. The turbine itself would be 60 metres high and 45 metres diameter and would be sited less than 1.4 miles away from some residential properties. (By law, for health reasons, 1.4 miles is the closest such a turbine should be to any dwelling)

Councillors thanked these members of the public for their presentation. They suggested that a public meeting should be organized after the application is submitted to M C C. Local residents could then learn directly about the proposal, ask questions and pass comments on it.

II) Police Report
Mathern, Pwllmeyric and Mounton incidents between 13th October and 10th November 2014.
16/10 – burglar alarm activated at the New Inn, Pwllmeyric. All in order, unknown reason for activation.
19/10 – burglar alarm activated at Chepstow Garden Centre. Set off in error by staff.
21/10 – report of a distressed female on Pwllmeyric Hill. Before Police arrival, she was seen to go off in a red car driven by an older female, no further details.
29/10 – pedal cycle moved from the side of the road on the A48 near Mathern. It looked brand new. When officers came to collect it, it had gone!
30/10 – secure outbuildings broken into on a private estate in Pwllmeyric. Garden equipment stolen.
05/11 – report of two males selling door to door in the “Cold Calling Control Zone” in Pwllmeyric. They had gone prior to officers attending.

iii) Apologies

Councillor N Bailey.

iv) Declaration of Interests:

LDP: Councillors Sainsbury and McHugh.

v) Minutes of Previous Meeting

The Minutes of the meeting held on 13th October 2014 were circulated with the agenda. These were agreed as true and accurate.

52/14 County Councillors Report

• County Councillor Down reported that road surfaces in Mounton, Hayesgate and Barn Lane were very bad and that this matter was being looked into by the Highways Department.

• There have been further developments concerning the application for a photovoltaic park at Rhewl Farm. Originally, the Planning Committee had refused this, partly due to the comments from the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). These comments concerned the size of the development. The planned size of the park has now been reduced and, as a result, the AONB now say that the application is in line with Best Practice. The Planners decision has now been deferred until full details are received from the Chairman of the AONB, Mr. A Baker.

• MCC Budget proposals have now been issued.

• It has come to light that M C C has no set policy with regard to planning applications for renewal energy projects.
It has been recommended that such a policy should be introduced

53/14 Progress report on actions from last meeting

1)Sewage pipes, Mounton.
Investigation still ongoing. To be discussed at the next Flood Forum meeting which is to be held in late November.

2) Signage for Mathern Athletic Club
Signage to the Athletic Club is needed as emergency vehicles are having trouble finding the site. County Councillor Down chasing this on our behalf.

3) Barn Lane – Mathern

Scalpings have been used to level the pot holes. However, Councillors do not feel that this is an adequate repair and will watch the surface so that it can be reported if further repair work is needed.

4) Road Sweeper – all three villages.

M C C has confirmed that all three villages are due to be swept. Mounton drains are very full and silted up. This has been reported back to M C C

5) Street Lighting under Motorway bridge – Mathern

Light still not working. Clerk to report once more to One Stop Shop.

6) “What’s On” leaflets- any feedback from Clerk and County Councillor Down re other local council’s editions?

No response from Magor and Undy Clerk re. details of costings. Clerk to chase.

54/14 Highways

• Leaves need removing – garages, Baileys Hay
• Grit bin outside Strathearn, Mathern is broken.
• Works carried out by Western Power in Mathern – reinstatement of pavements is poor. Joints not sealed.
• Drain covers, Barn Lane/Chapel Lane breaking away
• Drains, Mounton Village, need emptying

55/14 Councillors’ reports –

a)One Voice Wales –
No Meeting held
b)GAVO – Best Kept Village – Any response re judging dates?
No response. Clerk to chase.
c)Footpaths – Any response re new volunteer?
No response. Clerk to chase.

56/14 Planning

a)New Submissions

DC/2014/01210 Planning permission – Construction of new headwall to existing culvert plus new landscaped bund. Iceni – Home Farm Mathern Road.

COMMENTS – Approved

DC/2014/01219 Planning Permission – Remove roof from dormer bungalow and construct second storey plus two storey end extension – The Conifers, Pwllmeyric.
COMMENTS – Approved

b)Decisions and Appeals
DC/2014/00877 Amended Plans – 7 Chapel Close – removal of boundary conifer hedge and installation of retaining wall and fence –
Delegate Panel Approved

Councillors to check on internet as amended plans not received by Clerk. They will then instruct her as to how they wish to respond.
(Council’s response for amended plans scanned on to system – 14th October.)

b) Enforcement – Site near motorway bridge, Crick. DC/2012/00978
MCC Enforcement still investigating.

Lady Mill, Mounton – MCC Enforcement investigating.

57/14 Financial Matters

Receipts and payments for October/November

Receipts – VAT Refund £339.10


101456 102.00 Stock It Solutions
101457 406.40 J Kelley – Salary
101458 101.65 PAYE
101459 101.00 Society of Local Council Clerks
101460 25.00 Royal British Legion

58/14 Correspondence and Forthcoming Meetings

Possible vacancy for Mathern Community Councillor to become Governor at The Dell School. (Due to resignation of Governor from Chepstow Town Council.)
Clerk to enquire further details of the position, including the number of meetings per year a Governor should attend.

Letter from Nick Ramsay AM (attached) re. the opportunity to discuss the possible devolution of tax raising powers to the Welsh Assembly Government.
Clerk to contact him and ask for a meeting to be arranged for the end of January/February 2015. Councillors felt a public meeting might be most appropriate.

New Chief Inspector for Chepstow – meeting, 8th December.

Clerk and Chairman to attend – venue, time to be confirmed.

Training programme

Clerk and Councillor Ovenden to attend Health and Safety Training Course run by One Voice Wales.

Charter Liason Meeting, Thursday 27th November. Clerk and Councillor Ovenden to attend at County Hall Usk.

59/14 Other Matters for discussion

Clerk to write to Mr Kibby thanking him for cutting the hedge at the rear of the war memorial.

Clerk to contact MCC Highways to ask for warning cycle signs to be erected in Mounton and Barn Lane.

Annual Christmas Lunch booked for Sunday 7th December at the Millers Arms in Mathern. Clerk to invite Chris and Carol Wheeler who maintain the War Memorial for the Council. Also Gregg and Moyra Howell, Robin and Jackie Lewis, Norman and Jean Stephens who work so hard on Wales in Bloom projects. Chairman to invite the new owners of Mathern Palace Philip and Helen.;
Meet at 1.30pm to eat at 2 pm. £18.00 per head. Clerk to collect menu choices and monies. There is live Jazz in the pub from 4 pm – Robin Reece Jazz band.

60/13 Date of Next Full Meeting: 12th January 2015 at 7 pm.
Carolyn Ovenden to Chair

Financial Meeting to be arranged Monday 1st December at Strathern Mathern

Meeting ended at 9 pm